The following comment was an anonymous reaction to Anonymous’ latest celebrity driven protest:

“AnonymousNow on Fri May 30, 2008, 14:35, says:

I’m 42 years old and generally do not like celebrities very often, but Jason Beghe is my hero.

He obviously wants to dispell the remaining demons of his COS experience by confronting them. Of course, the demons are cowards.

I think most people have no idea the extent that this dangerous cult destroys lives for profit. It’s absolutely outrageous that despite all the crimes, our politician seek to run interference for them, rather than confront them.

Join the effort to reassert the truth at enturbulation.”

The phrase ” dangerous cult destroys lives for profit” caught our attention, as Anonymous’ planning website can easily be proven to defame, slander, attack,harass, pervert, and otherwise “destroy lives for profit.”



Recruiting Jason Beghe
Message to Fox News


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  1. Soleiyu Belmont on

    I’m calling bullshit on this. Was the article tl;dr, for $citards like you?So one man respects Beghe’s actions and that makes us, what, celebrity-worshippers?And what profit does Anonymous make? Any money made from advertising on ED goes right back to paying for server bills and whatnot.Encyclopedia Dramatica gets way more bandwidth than ANY shitty Scientology website.You’re reeeeeaaaaally reaching for criticism at this point. Pathetic.


    <>Professional Anti-Scientologists and critics make a HUGE DEAL about the Celebrity Center.YOU ARE HYPOCRITES<>…

  3. Anonymous on

    Well, you forget one thing.We don’t spend millions of dollars building meadows of flowers so our midget celebrities can go fuck Aussies.Also, we don’t give them preferential treatment.Also, what the fuck <>is<> a “professional anti-Scientologist”? Last I checked none of us got paid to do this, we do it because it’s the right thing to do.Unlike Scientology whose god is the almighty dollar.

  4. Anonymous on

    Encyclopedia Dramatica planning site where do you get your stuff

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