"Our Long National Nightmare is Over": Mark Bunker is Back

We thought it would be interesting to see how Anonymous members would react to the personal attacks made against Mark Bunker by self described “Leader of Anonymous” Paul Fetch:


Anonymous Stalks
Anonymous Retaliates
Anonymous Anti-Abortion Activism
Enturbulation.Org Undermines Anonymous


15 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Uh. That video is from YOUR account. Which means you made it. Provide valid information not sockpuppet accounts, bitch.As for the description of Mark’s video, learn of humor, dipstick.

  2. Tom Newton on

    <>That video blogger is VivaJimmy, a tru Anonymous member and staunch Paul Fetch supporter.If I took your advice and learned to have a sense of humor, would I then be able to laugh at pedobear, goatse, and violent porn?<>

  3. Anonymous on

    By the by, I’m filing a report to YouTube about you, since your epicnoseguy account was suspended, you’re not allowed to get another one.So expect a ban shortly.I encourage everyone else who posts here to do the same.What worked on Mark Bunker can also work on $cilons. 😛

  4. Tom Newton on

    <>Good idea. If you can get 50 Anonymous to file a report, you can attack my friends Youtube account. Also, make sure to call in a fleet of wahhhbmulances in case they tell you to go f yourselves and leave our accounts alone.<>

  5. Anonymous on

    Aw, poor baby’s afwaid alweady?

  6. Tom Newton on

    <>Mark Bunker got banned, tucked his tail and stayed away.We have cycled through 123 sock puppets in 90 days. Just <>you try to shut us up.<>.We think it’s cute.<>

  7. Anonymous on

    Thank you for admitting that.I’ll be sure to forward that information to YouTube.

  8. Anonymous on

    “We have cycled through 123 sock puppets in 90 days. Just you try to shut us up..”xD wow what a nice thing to admit xDAlso, a) i think he was saying that as a responce to Pauls “I’m a leader of anon”, b) He’s not on abiout a leader as in a full on leader telling anons what to do 100% of the time, i think he’s jsut on about in making general rules for the protest, as with A i think he was just using “leader” as a responce to pauls claim that he was the leader. c)even if he did mean a full on leader i dont think the rest of anon would agree, his vid is rated high but i think its more coz of what else he said on the vid…I think your jsut taking it out of context… either way I’m sure anon dosent agree with that statement with the amount of hostility youve recieved on this site to such an idea 😉BTW Tom didnt you brag about how scientology were going to make a firebom attack and then plant materials in anons cars? o.O i dont know entirely if that was jsut meant as a play on what you see as paranoia but please expand on this :S

  9. Tom Newton on

    <>Why do you Anonymous’ have to make it personal? Attack the attacker, is that it?This is a discussion of your crimes, not a debate about whether or not you are all guilty.Of this we are certain. Every day there is something else going on with Anonymous. It’s an unruly mob, nothing more. All pretense about giving an F about anything is rendered meaningless when weighed against the damage you people do with websites like Enturbulation.com, Scientrollogy, and EncyclopediaDramatica.com .You’ll see. 🙂<>

  10. Anonymous on

    Someone sounds pretty downstat, is the RPF looming?

  11. Tom Newton on

    <>I’m a drunk and I take anti-depressents. I don’t believe in God, Immortality, or any “Higher” purpose in human life. Scientology wouldn’t take me as a member, much less lock me in some alleged slave camp. Get a clue.<>

  12. Anonymous on

    No drunk admits to being a drunk. Nice try though. Hey, I’m a pink elephant with wings and a magic kazoo. Just like every anonymous member. See? Doesn’t work.

  13. Anonymous on

    so many pictures and no information you suck a blogging.

  14. Anonymous on

    What next, Tom? You’re a Scientologist, but you’re not bigoted because “your daughter is a Wiccan and your sister is a Satanist”?Scifag plant already tried that shit.

  15. Anonymous on

    what do you mean a “personal attack”? were you refering to my last paragraph? If so then youll notice i wrote it in an “i wish to understand” not in an agressive manor. The fact you responded by calling that a personal attack suggests perhaps it WAS a serious threat?thanks for clearing that up 🙂“I’m a drunk”That clears things up xD

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