Youtube Anti-Religion Bigot "Doyle6135" Suspended (Again)

He must have imagined that using a Video Hit Cheater would make his videos more popular, not suspend him altogether!


Click Here: you’ll be SHOCKED when you discover WHO WE BUSTED!!!


We Successfully FLAGGED “DOYLE6315”


7 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    good another silenced only 999999999999999999999999999999999 more to go.

  2. Anonymous on news he is the Church Peeing guy!!!!He is a Scientology member too

  3. Tom Newton on

    you assholes trying to get Magoo banned again!

  4. Anonymous on

    So how do we know it isn’t Scientologists using this trick to purposely flag these accounts?Likewise, you seem to be far more aware of this website than any Anonymous are…. wonder why.

  5. Anonymous on

    That’s funny, the site is set up to look like a pay-per-hit site but there’s no contact details (If I can’t email them how could tory have?), I smell a fake. If I was simply spamming my own videos I wouldn’t make a blog as obvious as you-tube-hit-booster. This just reeks of tom newton.

  6. Anonymous on

    Silly Scilon. He wasn’t banned for the hitbooster, but for copyright violation of a German TV station. Just like WBM, he will be back on YT within a matter of weeks (maybe days, with enough public outcry.)

  7. Anonymous on

    Interesting, I looked more closely at this site (at the top it says email for more info and ‘sells’ hits, but there was no one to email. How could Tory have done it?Dumbass, you could have at least set up a fake email. Thanks for revealing yourself tom.

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