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To Whom It May Concern:

The following video is using an illegal method to boost it’s hit count:

The internationally feared hategroup “Anonymous” is directly involved. They are using refresher scripts and auto-play features in this blog:

The blog is disguised as an attack on the video, when in fact it was set up by an Anonymous member in a disingenuous ploy to make look like fools while cheating thousands of hits an hour!

They have already raised the hit count by nearly 250,000. It is believed that they intend to surpass 3 Million Hits before their “Hate-March” in July, in order to boost morale.This is not the first time they have cheated and won’t likely be the last.




8 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Got bored waiting for a reply from the Black Panthers? or maybe you got a reply and it told you to stop lying.

  2. Anonymous on

    Wow, someone’s trying to get upstat before all of the stat destruction tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous on

    Very little to do with this post, apart from it being a youtube video. What is your reaction to:

    Mr Newton?

  4. Anonymous on

    Oh Haha!What you douchebags simply don’t seem to realize is that YouTube doesn’t count views per click anymore but per IP. So if you click 100 times with the same IP, it will only count as 1 this way preventing any cheating. So YouTube doesn’t care about this anymore. I could have told you that before, but it’s just too funny to see how hard you are trying and yet fail 🙂

  5. Anonymous on

    Why hallo thar. I would like to point you to the above post. Also, operation sea arrgh (Or however you would like to spell “arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh”) took place today. I didn’t go today though, because I had to work. Anyways, Anonymous does not care how many “views” the video receives. Anonymous only cares about how many people are informed about scientology. So please, go back to being butthurt somewhere other then the intertubez.

  6. Anonymous on

    Tom, I would like to point out that linking to your site as a source does not count and shows extreme bias. Also, we have shown you millions of pictures of black Anonymous members behind Guy Fawke masks and not behind masks. We have done the same for jewish Anonymous members. Although, we realy need to show you pictures of white and christian members don’t we?:

  7. Anonymous on

    you are a cry baby, they did not ban the video so you fax them you remind me of my 2 year old cousin the pees his pants if his mom dose not get him ice cream.Grow they way get your diaper change it reeks

  8. Anonymous on


    Won’t let me use embed 😥

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