The following plan has already been acted upon, as we discussed on yesterday’s post about Anonymous Cheerleader Tommy Gorman:

From: Activism Forums by Hailxenu

“We have all seen scientologists try to bullbait people, using plants, using professional fucktards to try and get people mad. They want to get us to hurt them, so they can say “SEE we were right all along INTERNET HAET MACHINE!” but what if we bullbaited them into making the first move?

What if we got an exceptionally good bullbaiter to provoke them into doing something potentially violent and posted it all over youtube. “SCIENTOLOGIST ASSAULTS ANON!” it would be epic win.

Granted the person doing the bullbaiting would have to be careful, (and for good measure maybe make sure the bullbaiter is in good physical form.) but it should be easy to bullbait a scientologist into doing something stupid, their illogical at the core, and when there psuedo mysticism (aka sci-logic) fails them what choice will they have but to take it to a physical level, make them look bad and get the fuck out of dodge before it turns to srs buizness.


Bullbait the scientologists back, make them dig their own grave.”

This is not the first time Anonymous has planned such an action, and it’s not likely to stop until they get what they, and what all terrorists want:


By writing about this, we are trying to give Anonymous what they fear the most:

A sense of accountability.

Tom Newton

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  1. Anonymous on

    (cult: any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease, and that employs methods regarded as unorthodox or unscientific.): treats people with unorthodox methods and they think LRH had sole insight what dose that make Scientology??

  2. Anonymous on
  3. Anonymous on

    This blog is getting more and more pathetic.

  4. Anonymous on

    “A sense of accountability.”Scientology need to get that not copying a Scientology tactic is wrong but it is ok when Scientology does it.Flawed logic is flawed

  5. Tom Newton on

    <>Are you even literate?Your own cronies intentionally create controversey with their shitty Blair-Witch wannabe pseudo-documentaries and then BAAAAWWWWLLLL about it all over my tubes. Am I wrong for expressing my discontent? Is free speech also “pathetic” you hideous little trolls?<>

  6. Anonymous on

    child like responses do not get pity

  7. Anonymous on

    you are defending the greatest fraud in the world and i find it amusing how you try so hard to defend your libel.LRH is not a good personsoon the cult you defend will be gone

  8. Anonymous on

    Dummy, read the responses in the thread you linked to. The reaction to this idea was overwhelmingly negative. Almost all the responses were no. All this shows is that anonymous has a good system in place that allows the free thought while at the same time allowing everyone to make their thoughts on the matter heard.If you actually read past what you want to see then you might not consistently look like an idiot.

  9. Tom Newton on

    “If you actually read past what you want to see then you might not consistently look like an idiot.”<>We predicted Stu’s arrest 2 weeks ago…Wecan’t be that clueless. 🙂<>

  10. Anonymous on

    ^You no more predicted it than Nostradamus did.

  11. Tom Newton on


  12. Anonymous on

    ^Just because you type something in capitals and use it to justify your actions that doesn’t make it true.You also still refuse to understand the difference between satire and support. In effect you are calling Mel Brooks a Nazi for making the producers and the creators of South Park scat fetishists, pedophiles, racists, homophobes, millitant white supremacists, millitant black supremacists, mormons, catholics, scientologists and canadians. You moron.

  13. Anonymous on

    <>WE SENT OUT OVER 9000 EMAILS TODAY. WE WILL BE HEARD<>]The crazy guy at the bus station shouts at over 90dB doesn’t mean his delusions are real either. You have no credibility, you generalize every negative action of anyone who even stands near anonymous while a tiny percentage of the positive actions of anonymous up as sole examples of positive behavior. In short you are a self deluded nutter living in a selectively censored reality that is either the product of either your own twisted mind or a combination of your twisted mind and the mind of whoever is controlling you. What’s it going to be, nutter or nutty puppet?

  14. Tom Newton on

    <>Actually, fatty, the Chicago Tribune is covering the subjects discussed in thie blog, including your beloved PEDO CULTURAL ICON “PEDO BEAR.”You disgusting, pedo-enabling fools have no idea how much we hate your malign influences.<>

  15. Anonymous on

    Link, please?

  16. Anonymous on

    Tom… did you just TOTALLY ignore the fact that the responce was nagative?Objective? xDD I bet you wont even respond to this xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDanon dosent need accountability, all people who are “anon” represent the individual.And can you say stu was totally 100% in the wrong?

  17. Tom Newton on

    <>No link yet. Just got off the phone with them.🙂<>

  18. Anonymous on

    <>Actually, fatty, the Chicago Tribune is covering the subjects discussed in thie blog, including your beloved PEDO CULTURAL ICON “PEDO BEAR.”You disgusting, pedo-enabling fools have no idea how much we hate your malign influences.<>That’s quite understandable if you were spouting your usual lies. Also, for the sake of accuracy, I weigh 11 stone and am 5ft10 tall, hardly fat.

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