We know.

This is getting sick.

“Pedo-Bear” is being delivered by ANON-EYE, an appropriately named pervert. This voyeuristic, vicarious child predator and shameless pedophile enabler had this to announce to an audience comprised mostly of teenagers:

“ATTN: Pedobear can make an appearance at July’s protest.

Trying to hug Scilons, chasing loli and general potential for lulz etc

Anyway, Pedobear for London next month guys, is this awesome? Y/N”

(this image is titled “SaraVikki/lolz”)

Anonymous is so jade, so apathetic, that they will not voice a dissenting opinion about these exploitative materials. We, however, are not so pathetic. We report ALL of these materials to The Cyber-Tip Hotline.

We suggest that you bookmark that site whenever you plan on researching the origins of Anonymous’ culture of degradation. It is up to the reasonable ones among us to police the free speech abuses of these irrational ones.



7 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Again, it’s satire, not support. When you mock something you do almost the opposite of supporting it. Or are you accusing Mel Brooks of being a Nazi?

  2. Anonymous on

    Aww, someone’s trying to make up for the <>MASSIVE DOWNSTAT<> last week. Cute.

  3. Slowpoke on

    oh hey guys, am i late?

  4. Anonymous on

    The Cyber-Tip Hotline dose not like you guys spamming false reports for the purpose of libeling Anonymous.In fact you are making there jobs harder so libeling Anonymous in more imported then the kids to you.

  5. Anonymous on

    you guys are sick

  6. Anonymous on


  7. Anonymous on

    Oh my god. Someone made a website and is totally obsessed with PEDOBEAR? It’s a JOKE, man! Get a clue!

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