Anonymous Leader Tory Magoo Defends Hired Thug Tommy Gorman

Here. Have some revisionist history:

Here is the image she is referring to:

For those who have not been threatened by Tommy Gorman, here’s a good introduction:

Tommy Gorman, Hired Thug.

–Tom Newton


3 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Tommy Gorman is a tool. I herd he lieks Paul Fetch to tongue his nipples so they is pretty pointy for his topless tough guy videos.LOLWE ARE LEGIONWE ARE HATE JEWSWE WILL FUCK YOU UPHAIL SATAN.WE ARE ANONYMOUS!

  2. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try Jacob

  3. Anonymous on

    Old news is old. Most people on enturb don’t give two shits about it now.

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