"The Lies of ‘Anonymous’ 1 of 10

“The Lies of ‘Anonymous’ 1

‘Anonymous’ claims that they have to be anonymous in order to avoid being harmed by the Church of Scientology in retaliation for their criticism of it.

But the truth is that the overwhelming majority of ‘Anonymous’members were anonymous for years before they ever gave Scientology a second thought.

And, although many members of ‘Anonymous’ have been “outed” or have simply never been anonymous, none of them have ever been harmed by the Church of Scientology.

So why are they anonymous?

Because they know that what they are doing is wrong and do not want to be held responsible for it.

Because they don’t want people to examine their backgrounds and their current lives.

These are the same reason that all criminals choose anonymity.

The fact that the most basic claim of ‘Anonymous’ is an outright lie tells the intelligent observer that he/she is dealing with a fundamentally corrupt group.

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on

    If we’re criminals we’re pretty lousy ones, assembling in broad daylight, making our plans known in a way that anyone can access and co-operating with the police when they have a problem.

  2. Anonymous on

    It’s true, quite a few members of anonymous were anonymous before they began protesting scientology, this is due to the nature of the internet rather than by design. The anonymity was continued because it is a great defence against the underhanded tactics scientology uses against critics. Sorry Tom, your fruity little club is just bawwing because their usual freedom hating tactics don’t work half as well against anonymous.

  3. Paul on

    Scientology harasses members of Anonymous with Cease and Desist letters that are filled with lies about terrorism…. Scientology ruined the life of Jerry Armstrong. Scientology put a DVD out alleging death threats by Anonymous…

  4. Anonymous on

    <>none of them have ever been harmed by the Church of Scientology<>Depends on your definition of harm. I would say that harassing people with patently untrue claims, falsely labelling them cyber terrorists, cold calling them, putting out black PR to discredit them, following them and reporting them for crimes that didn’t happen to the authorities is psychological harm.

  5. Anonymous on

    “none of them have ever been harmed by the Church of Scientology”what about the Anon who was shot dead by a Scientologist.

  6. Anonymous on

    You are also anonymous, Tom.

  7. Anonymous on

    <>You are also anonymous, Tom.<>WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?

  8. Tom Newton on

    <>Yawn.I am awake.<>

  9. Anonymous on

    <>I am awake.<>Obvious statement is obvious.

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