Portland Anonymous Reports This Blog To Law Enforcement

To Whom It May Concern:

I am exercising my freedom of speech. If you have a problem with that, then you can go f*** yourself.

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on

    tom the tears are steaming down your face.(crybaby)

  2. Anonymous on

    Tom wants to murder cops.TOM NEWTON IS A COP KILLERTOM NEWTON, ENJOY YOUR AIDSWE ARE LEGIONWE ARE ANONYMOUSEXPECT US(call 911. report a psycho blogger)

  3. Naknei on

    you probably cyberstaked a minor. you are fail.cyberstaking a minor is a crime. minors are a protected group. enjoy your civil lawsuits:)

  4. Tom Newton on

    <>Naknei, Seriously, grow up. Adults do not always have to agree with one another, okay?And I will not be sued by anyone. There is no proof of any stalking. If anyone tries to sue me, I’ll blow it so out of proportion that……in fact it would likely aide me in my crusade..hmmmmm.SUE ME DICKFACE. SUE ME OR I’ll KICK YOUR FACE IN.Tom Newton<>

  5. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.Tom Newton is a murderer.

  6. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton,You have been fed to teh chans.You will be dox’d, legal’d, and kicked off OUR internet.Love,The Legion.

  7. Naknei on

    “you probably cyberstaked a minor. you are fail.cyberstaking a minor is a crime. minors are a protected group. enjoy your civil lawsuits:)”not me.i don’t give a shit about this

  8. CrazyDelaney on

    I applaud whoever it was that reported you to law enforcement, Tom.. as the threats you made last week in regards to dropping docs on people was and is truly sickening. Just FYI, Tom… I will watch this blog and I will not hesitate to contact law enforcement or any other authority if I think someone might come to harm. By the way.. I think that picture can definitely be construed as a threat. You’re definitely just on the line there, Tom. By the way.. China called again. They can smell your soul rotting.

  9. Anonymous on


  10. CrazyDelaney on

    Ya know.. there are definitely implied threats of violence all over your post, Tom.

  11. Naknei on

    http://www.project-unanonymous.blogspot.com/a parent would concerted this cyberstalking. if a 16 year old showed this to them. i only know what you said. most likely just some asshole getting so kicks should blow over.

  12. Tom Newton on

    <>Oh come on. Nobody will sympathize with a hategroup.And there is no more a threat here than in Anonymous’ own “WE WILL DESTROY YOU” terrorist threat made against the COS…. Tom Newton<>

  13. CrazyDelaney on

    Tom, criticism of Scientology has not a thing to do with hate and you know it. There is zero bigotry in any of the videos I’ve put up on YouTube…However.. I still stand by my promise to report you to law enforcement if you step out of line, Tom.

  14. Naknei on

    So is it OK to kill haters? what line will you cross next?people have the right to protest anything they want people can protest free speech if they want.

  15. Anonymous on

    <>And to the LITTLE SNITCH that filed a complaint against this blog to the Portland Police Department<>Sounds like you’re the one BAWWWWWing tom. Have a nice day and if those nice officers come knocking don’t forget to defend yourself at length without consulting a lawyer, remember, those officers are there to help, you can talk your way out of being arrested.

  16. Anonymous on

    It looks like you’re the criminal here, you cyberstalker of minors. It’s be a wonderful day when you get carted off for making threats against good and decent anonymous citizens. Lord knows that Little Davey will be following soon.

  17. Anonymous on

    Oh let me taste your tears, Tom! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet.Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness!


    WARNING!!! SCIENTOLOGY’S RONBOTS KILLWARNING!!! SCIENTOLOGY’S RONBOTS DIVIDE AND DESTROY LOVE AND HOMESPower Comes From Knowledge of The EnemyRonbot is a pejorative term for some or all fanatical followers of Scientology. The term is a pun on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's first name and the word robot.The term Ronbot is meant to express the habit of Scientologists of being so programmed with the "Tech" that they can't express their own viewpoints on life, because that has been suppressed and prohibited of them from doing so.The fanatical Ronbot never doubts any thing he is told by staff, never investigates, never thinks beyond what he is told, never seeks to know more than he is permitted to know, never refuses to turn on his family, never reads what he is told not to read, never refuses to hurt the feelings of his family, never refuses to kill the love he had for his family, never refuses to go to your neighbors to spread lies about you, never doubts PTS or SP data, never seeks other ways to heal any symptom, never wonders why he is so fanatical and why? Never wonders why he hates SPs, never refuses to hurt, damage or harm an SP, never doubts he is superior to us, never refuses to obey his masters on staff, etc.The fanatical Ronbots that guard the military bases and navy of Scientology are ordered to kill or shoot at any SP or ordinary intruder that comes near or invades their ships or bases, even if it is their own parents who go there to get them out. He is so robotic that the killing of his own parent will not produce the same mental effect that it would produce in us – if we killed our own father or mother, whose only crime was the hurt of disconnection ordered by the Anti-God cult.Ex-scientologists view a fanatical anti-god Ronbot as a brainwashed Robot, since he can't ever leave the Tech and express his own view points. His reading material, his TV viewing and his interpersonal relationships and what he says and the way he talks, are closely monitored by other Ronbot Staff. If they discover that he went out with or talked with an SP and read material from Anti-cult websites, he is in deep trouble and must now face an ethics review.He in fact does not have his own viewpoints, but just thinks so. His mind is so flooded with the Tech that to speak to, associate with, date or love a person who is classed as an SP is instant insanity (drastic down-tone slide) and he will be classed by the Anti-God Cult as a “risk” or PTS.Remember this fact—that all true fanatical Ronbots have a weak mind and spirit, no matter their IQ or years of word clearing. They are actually very willing to be a slave of the Tech without question.In the CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTION RIGHTS SUCH AS FREE SPEECH – you are told what to think, do and say. Your actions, your friends your relations, your books, and everything else you can think about is RESTRICTED to their approval. In the CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTION RIGHTS OR CIVIL RIGHTS SUCH AS THE RIGHT TO MEDICAL CARE OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING — IF YOU ARE SICK IN ANY WAY. YOU ARE PROHIBITED BECAUSE YOU ARE CLASSED AS A PTS PERSON AND AS SUCH, YOU HAVE NO FREEDOMS.YOU ARE NOT A FREE MAN OR WOMAN,ABLE to do as you please at home, read what you please at home, your home TV set has a little censorship lock on it placed there by the cult to keep you inline.Even your thoughts and innermost secrets are investigated and if they are considered wrong or un-approved by your ETHICS OFFICER you are taken (scammed) for more money.The fanatical Ronbot was told that "suppression is illness and illness is suppression", therefore he thinks that all illnesses come only from suppression or a PTS condition.Remember that Ronbots are told that “all illnesses to a greater or lesser degree are due to only a PTS condition”. Any illness or symptom makes a fanatical Ronbot turn on anyone he was near in the past 72 hours. He is programmed to believe that his Mother or Father now is a Monster called a“SP” or “Suppressive Person. He is never given the facts on “symptom re-stimulations”. He is never told about it being a physiological reaction, he is never told that all symptoms and illnesses are physiological reactions and that some symptoms can be re-stimulated by stress and arguments. And those symptoms are never the same for all; because every one has different deficiencies and different levels of toxins in their body that will always bring out a different symptom each time he is argued with. Remember this one fact that Scientology rejects—“symptoms are not illnesses!” But Ronbots are never taught the true causes of real illnesses, and are trained to despise their parents when they get a symptom of a real illness. Symptoms can be re-stimulated by many real causes of illnesses even by stress—which in the cult is accepted by the brain-washed ronbots as “suppression”. Scientology NEVER teaches Ronbots that symptoms are really physiological reactions of all life on Earth.A physiological reaction is an effect of some cause. The real causes of all illnesses produce the symptom.They use this brain-washing about symptoms, in order to control them and make them hate whoever opposes the cult.In his weak fanatical brain-washed mind, he can't ever accept that legal and illegal drugs, chemicals, parasites, toxins, toxic plants, mutated foods, Nuked (irradiated) Foods, or poisonous animals or insects, poisons, viruses or bacteria or over acidity etc., are the only and true causes of illnesses in the world. His mind rejects these well known facts as SP propaganda. When he faces you in the street—he can’t see you, he can only see what is programmed into his brain-washed head. To him, you are the SP monster who is no better than his SP father or SP mother he turned his back on and now hates and/or distrusts.He is not free to think for himself–therefore he is a ronbot. It is senseless to argue or fight with a Ronbot—he needs de-programming—he needs to be told he is a Robot and that he can’t pull the plug and reset his brain. Do not confront, argue or fight a Ronbot the old way – just pity him and dare him to talk with you about how Physiological Reactions are connected to study tech.Dare him to have a friendly conversation with you—the more of a Ronbot he is – the more he will be afraid to go to ethics for daring to talk with an SP. The fact that is easily proved is that he is really SCARED to have a friendly conversation with you – to him you are a suppressive person – to him you are a MONSTER – the kind of monster his cowardly mind could not face in his nightmares.The Anti-God cult will threaten any person with total exposure of all their confessed sins and secrets, if you dare leave, EXPOSE or confront them. That is the weapon that controls ALL CELEBRITIES, PROFESSIONALS AND COWARDS. The weak have given up their soul and now find that their confessions of their own sins and deep dark secrets — will be made public knowledge.In every confrontation with Ronbots, the programming that he has received will force him to ask for your crimes and sins and secrets. He sincerely believes that you are against the Cult, ONLY because you have committed horrible crimes, called by them: sins of omission and commission.He expects you to be up-set, so just explain to him that he has sins and secrets too and that you would like to know his first, since he brought up the issue first. But don’t ask to hear them as a threat or condition to talk with him—if he refuses to give you his own sins and secrets—let it pass as long as he is willing to talk with you. Just get him to talk!!! Admit you have some sins, but dare to talk about his!!!Warning!!! The Ronbot is trained to illegally set-you up as per SP policy and fair game rules and be able to call for the police to get you arrested. If he attacks you or looks like he will, turn your back and let him attack you when your back is turned. Put your hands in your pockets and never let them out. If you are going up against them, have the incident filmed and documented. He will viciously insult you and scream at you and even bump and push you with his stomach or chest to make you lose control and get arrested. When he bumps you – just fall down and call for the police, because he has just assaulted you and caused you to fall and hurt yourself. Fact is – that if your stomach pushed a cop, you would be arrested, right? Well, commercially – it is an assault!!! Do not argue with or insult a Ronbot, talk with him in a polite way even if he disgusts you. Arguments are commercial Controversies and make you lose the game. Get him to identify who he is and find out if he has property (House) or a website. He if is connected to any website that libels your actual name on it—he just made you rich. If he assaults you and you can prove it –he also made you very rich. Read the Uniform Commercial Code, commercial laws or common law remedies, Commercial Affidavit of Truth Method, notary acceptor and look up sovereignty UCC or anti-corruption websites to learn how to counter-attack them and take them for all they are worth.After you study the UCC, hire a Private Investigator to find out who owns or runs the website. Write them thru a Notary third party witness and accept all their attacks on your name for value. That is the way to become a true RONBOTHUNTER. Thru the “Commercial Affidavit of Truth Method” — You can bring your common-law commercial suits against any Ronbot and the Cult itself, who is used by the Cult to harm you. Under the Constitution –You are the Law. You don’t need attorneys or judges or courts to file a UCC lien on them — once you PERFECT your UCC lien.Know this for a fact. — His brain is not his anymore. He can’t be proactive and dare to talk with a person who he was told is a MONSTER. But if he dares to talk and you only ask questions and never argue with him. He will begin to doubt and you know what happens to him after he is in the Condition of Doubt.He is as evolved as a snail-or he was one in another life. In this life, he consented to be a mind-slave. Just dare him to read and dare him to talk with any anti-cult person on a friendly basis for at least one hour—dare him to get to know you–by then after that hour he is now a damaged ronbot to the cult—he won’t be trusted and now he is on his way to freedom from control.For you to defeat the Anti-God “Church” of Scientology you must expose these truths about how Ron discovered Study Technology.Once you put this NEW DATA into his brain, he is now damaged goods and is no longer a Ronbot, but a suspected PTS person never to be trusted again by the Cult.To save a RONBOT BRAIN you must deprogram it with NEW DATA."KNOW YOURSELF, AND KNOW YOUR ENEMY, AND IN A THOUSAND BATTLES YOU WILL NEVER BE IN PERIL" — SUN-TZU, THE ART OF WARSincerely yours,RonbothunterAll Rights ReservedCopyright Ronbothunter— All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 & 1-103.6 including rights under the UCC and common law remedies. I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not personally sign and enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and especially if I was not given full disclosure. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement.

  19. Anonymous on

    1. you just called yourself a nutter…you are obviously stupid.2. little snitch? does that mean you really are doing something illegal? tsk tsk, fair game or no.

  20. Anonymous on

    “Seriously, grow up. Adults do not always have to agree with one another, okay?”tell that to the police, I’m sure they’ll enjoy you saying that they need to grow up..“And I will not be sued by anyone. There is no proof of any stalking.”despite the fact that your entire blog is devoted to cyberstalking anonymous minors?“If anyone tries to sue me, I’ll blow it so out of proportion that……in fact it would likely aide me in my crusade..hmmmmm.”so you just admitted that if sued you will lie under oath…wow…thats brilliant…“SUE ME DICKFACE. SUE ME OR I’ll KICK YOUR FACE IN.”that counts as verbal harassment in court, and whats worse, it is directed toward minors.enjoy your lawsuit and the $ you will lose.

  21. Tom Newton on

    <>None of you scumbags scare me.Rot.Tom Newton<>

  22. Anonymous on

    When you’re sued your cult will abandon you, and say that you acted alone and not in their best interest.Good luck.

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