The infamous cyber-terrorist group known only as “Anonymous” is conspiring to discriminate against the members of the Church of Scientology. Their method involves having the non-religious book “DIANETICS” banned from public places. If you didn’t know, DIANETICS is not a religious text.

Facts, however, rarely get in the way of Anonymous as they carry our their campaign of hate. An Anonymous member identified as “qwertyuiop1” has arranged an Internet based smear-campaign against Scientologists–targeting shopping mall owners. Their message is as simple as it is ugly–Scientologists are bad people and should be prevented from entering shopping malls (The Anti-Jewish propaganda was my addition).:

“Dont let them take refuge in malls. Milpitas CA has scilons in it. alot of malls have them and they should be easy to get them kicked out.

I sent a friendly reply to the mall admin at the Great Mall in Milpitis, CA…I dont think they are good to have in your mall…”

Also see “How To Evict Dianetics Kiosk From Your Local Mall”, which is popular among Anonymous members, but would be equally useful in the hands of a Neo-Nazi, a Klansman, a Satanic Cult Leader, or anyone with a grudge against a minority.

If you ask me (or any of my friends), Anonymous members should all be sent to Guantanamo Bay…

Tom Newton


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  1. AnonymousLawyer on

    Jews are evil too but you miss the point as usual, Tom. We are not racist. We are not against Scientology or Scientologists. We are merely protesting the crimes of the ORGANIZATION. We are just warning people that Scientology wants to take over their businesses and steal their souls. What’s wrong with that?WE ARE LEGIONWE ARE ANONYMOUSEXPECT USFEAR USWE DO NOT FORGIVEWE DO NOT FORGET

  2. Lucifer on

    this blog is brought to you by the undereducated minds of a single man living in his parents basement. He fails to even read the scientology’s own website where it is stated that Dianetics is part of their “religious” text. This blog is full of fail and AIDS. Tom Newton is an expert at jerking off to his own half-wit writings. And Tom…your hands don’t count as friends.

  3. Tom Newton on

    <>DIANETICS preceeded Scientology. My parents passed on over ten years ago.<>Tom Newton

  4. Anonymous on


  5. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton only hates Anonymous because he was banned by moot and namefagged on 4chan.

  6. Lucifer on

    See how he does not fight the fight he is undereducated and that his only friends are his hands. Oh and let us not forget that he jerks off to his own writings. Tom you are ignorant cyber stalker. Just give it up. You will lose.

  7. Anonymous on

    Again Tom, you remain deliberately ignorant. There is nothing wrong with scientoloogists entering malls. They are human beings and have as much right as the next person. The problem anonymous has is with recruiters setting up in malls. A dianetics stall is often the way a person will be suckered into this sinister cult.

  8. Anonymous on

    the old testament of the Bible predates christianity and they conciterit holy. scientology says dianetics unholy for recruitment.

  9. Anonymous on

    You haven’t got any friends, Tom. You only have us.Become an hero.

  10. Anonymous on

    P.S. Q: Does Scientology have Scriptures?A: Yes. The writings and recorded spoken words of L. Ron Hubbard on the subject of Scientology collectively constitute the Scripture of the religion. He set forth the Scientology philosophy and technologies in more than 500,000 pages of writings, including dozens of books, and more than 2,000 tape-recorded lectures. again, you are a fucking plank.

  11. szaleniec on

    Godwin’s law strikes again!

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