Tory Magoo: "I Trained John Travolta"

Professional Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoo has added several more unverifiable details to her interesting little conspiracy theories:

1) John Travolta donated 1 Million Dollars to the Church of Scientology to “handle Anonymous.”

2) Nancy Cartwright donated 10 Million Dollars to the Church of Scientology to “handle Anonymous.”

3) Tom Cruise is a good actor.

4) She personally “trained John Travolta,” (although he was a great actor to begin with and didn’t need the Church of Scientology). skip to 2:30 seconds

____________________________ NOTICE MASK ^^

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Bruce O. Burhans


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  1. Crazey Delaney on

    Tory Magoo is just an old goat. Perhaps you should act like any other responsible member of the press and just leave her alone.

  2. The Shadow on

    Hmm, I smell a slow news week for Tom Newton!Speaking of Travolta, has be been RPF’d? It’s just that no-one has seen or heard from him in ages…maybe he’s finally disappeared up his own arsehole? A short limerick about JT:There Once was a man called Travolta, whose trousers his mum had to alter; ’cause the waist was too tight, his last film was shite, and now his arse is the size of Gibraltar!This week, I have actually done Scientology some damage in my area, me and my local Anons have uncovered the location of their new ‘Ideal Org’ which they have been keeping a closely guarded secret. They are going to be SOOOOO fucked off when they find out that we KNOW. So that’s what I’VE done Tom, what have YOU actually achieved? (Your fail blog does not count)

  3. Anonymous on

    So “Tom Cruise is a good actor” is an unverifiable detail of a conspiracy theory?Ohhhhh shit, this version of Tom Newton is going to get RPF’d as well for insulting Scientology’s Goebbels!FACT: Tom Cruise needed the Cult of Scientology to help find him a wife. I guess speed dating had a height restriction.

  4. Anonymous on

    “”So “Tom Cruise is a good actor” is an unverifiable detail of a conspiracy theory?”………k so maybe Tom Cruise needs acting lessons from Tory…lulz.

  5. mark tomles on

    so we have two differnt points…One from someone that -might- know it to be true, and is allowed to speak about it.And one from someone that wouldn’t even be allowed to think about it, and couldn’t talk about it if it were true.Survey says…

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