More cyber-stalking and harassment by the hategroup known as “Anonymous”:

from Why We Protest Activism Forum by Anonynamefag – Oliver – 39 – Man – DE – from the lack of glasses, he looks EXACTLY like our dear friend Ollie. REMEMBER YOUR CONDOMS. He’s also from Bremen, Germany (like Ollie), and I swear, one of his pics has the same fucking background as the “watermarked” image.Looks like a great location for mass-dumping of our shoops, eh?Also, we can use these new images to cross-reference to Scilons seen at other raids. Maybe our dear Esquat isn’t as far away as we think he is.

Anonymous is famous for sacking people’s Myspace accounts, as you can see here in this Fox News Report:


…Schaper, a Scientologist, into their planning website are attempting to destroy his reputation with his neighbors, family, and business partners. You can see Anonymous in action here: are digging up and posting his personal data. Death threats, rape threats, and black mail attempts have…


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  1. Anonymous Akuma on

    Too bad it has been found out that it isn’t Oliver. Nice try, but you are still full of fail. Also the Fox News report is full of hole and lies…kinda reminds me of this blog…only they have the balls to show their faces.Speaking of Balls…When you coming over to try to kick my ass? I’m still waiting you bag of douche.


    lmao.Anonymous akuma… you should know that Tom well as the Office of Special Affairs/Scientologists… are a bunch of cowards and full of empty threats.They’re brainwashed behavior only turns the public farther away from Scientology and the public realizes the truth about the abuse of the CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY. Tom isn’t going to come over because he’s a coward. Anonymous wears the masks to protect themselves, their families, and their friends from any harm the brainwashed little cult with try to throw at them. (Plus, the masks are fun)… Tom Newton hides his identify (making you Anonymous you fucking hypocrite) because he doesn’t have the balls to say anything to anybodies face… so he hides behind the internet like a lil’pussy.I hope you get help Tom… I really do.

  3. Anonymous on

    You fags in anonymous need to get a life.

  4. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try tom

  5. Anonymous on

    <>Anonymous said… You fags in anonymous need to get a life.<>rofl

  6. Anonymous on

    Rumors are circulating that members of anonymous are sexually harassing people. Not surprised if this is true.

  7. Anonymous on

    lmao at anonymous akuma. What a little bitch.

  8. Anonymous on

    ^ Sup Tom?

  9. Anonymous on

    ^Whats up you piss poor excuse for a human being?

  10. Anonymous on

    Tom, I love your blog and you’re right, Anonymous is not about free speech for all. Their actions speak for themselves and all we have to do it to point out the facts. O.

  11. Anonymous on

    The facts are your cult is a group of violent, heartless, murdering sociopaths.Your time will come.

  12. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the DDOS attacks, black faxes,death threats , protests, hacking attempts, Vandalism (especially the church urine thing), etc.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic) is the leader of Anonymous.get off the fucking toilet and start investigating/ dead agenting / trolling.

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