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The cyber-terrorist gang known as “Anonymous” has been declared a hate group by Santa Clara County officials. The following flyer was created by the Network for a Hate Free Community, and urges us to “…reach out and support” eachother as we collectively “…deal with the implications of Anonymous’ intolerance of religious diversity.”

Tom Newton


"Reverend Modemac" is a Selectively Bigoted Weirdo

Reverend Modemac,” of the Church of the SubGenius and the First Online Church of “Bob” is a total prick, and a proud supporter of “Anonymous.”

(^^^ J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, “God” of the Church of the Subgenius)

He belongs to a religion which openly embraces the freedom of individuals and groups to think and believe as they wish. In fact, the Church of the SubGenius is especially noted for it’s weird wedding ceremonies and an open mindedness toward the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe.

They also believe that a salesman named “Bob” will save the members of his Church while the rest of humanity is burned to death by flying saucers from another planet.

What makes me believe that “Reverend” Modemac is an ill-mannered trash-talking hate-filled no-sense-making begging-for-an-ass-kicking scum-sucking punk is this: after crusading for “Reverend Mary Magdalan,” who had lost custody of her child as a result to her membership with the legally recognized Church of the SubGenius, he is now engaging in the religious persecution of Scientologists, along with the rest of the hate group known as Anonymous.

This screen capture is from his website:

The hypocrisy exhibited by this selectively bigoted weirdo reached a crescendo today when he made a post at an Anonymous planning site (, in which he mocks Tom Cruise for being involved in a “bizarre service,” during which his and David and Victoria Beckhams’ family, vowed to be brothers and sisters– after exchanging heartfelt speeches.

Ironically, Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius, a noted cult expert and current leader of the Church, slammed Anonymous as an “Anti-Cult Cult” on a recent episode of the “Hour of Slack”:


Anti-cult movement – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The “anti-cult movement” (ACM) is a term used by academics and others to refer to a perceived collectivity of groups and individuals who oppose cults and … –
The Anti-Cult Movement – Nov 27
The anti-cult movement is responsible for abuses often worst than cult abuses – 3
The Anti-Cult Movement (aka ACM)
Most ACM groups seem to take the legitimate public fear of destructive doomsday cults, raise it to a fever pitch, and then direct it against benign new …

Reverend Magdalen,SubGenius Cult Mother, Prepares For Final …
Sep 23, 2008 … A Georgia mother has acquired over $140000 in legal costs in her ongoing struggle to regain custody of her son, after the child was…

Support Rev. Magdalan:
Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal  Fund and make a donation at !


Tickets were given to two Anons putting up fliers. According to “twistedpuppet,” this is the first time the city’s ordinance against stapling trash to telephone poles has been enforced, leading many Anons, such as “desudesuchan” to believe that the Church of Scientology is behind this:


Tickets given to two Anons putting up Flyers my mind is still blown that cops were spoken too/witnessed the flyering not 2 days before, stopped and talked to the anons, even joking with them, and left them on their merry way not even a mile and a half away from where they were cited. something just doesn’t seem kosher. OY vey!”

Sadly, if the cyber-hackers would spend five minutes researching the LAW, they would have stumbled upon this, and would be done with it:…d=14214&sid=42


Sections:6.04.010 Prohibited on posts and poles. 6.04.020
Prohibited on street, sidewalk and thoroughfare surfaces. 6.04.030
Exemptions from provisions of Sections 6.04.010 and 6.04.020.
Consent of property owner and occupant required when. 6.04.050

Circulars or handbills– It is unlawful for any person to affix in any manner any sign, placard, poster, card, banner or other indicia of the interests of any person, group or organization on any post or pole, including, but not limited to, light and telephone poles, on any street, sidewalk, thoroughfare or public right-of-way within the jurisdiction of the metropolitan government.

(Prior code § 3-1-1)6.04.020 Prohibited on street, sidewalk and
thoroughfare surfaces.It is unlawful for any person to affix in any manner, permanent or temporary, any words, phrases or advertising matter upon the surface of any street, sidewalk or other thoroughfare within the jurisdiction of the metropolitan government.(Prior code § 3-1-2)

The point I am making here isn’t that Anonymous members are bad people for posting hate propaganda in their neighborhoods. Rather, I am demonstrating how Anonymous members are unwittingly taking the blame for those who are operating behind the scenes–those who have authored much of the “information” that Anonymous members are supplying to the public with their fliers and pamphlets:

Whether or not the Anons in Nashville fight the tickets in court, their anonymity has surely been compromised. Ironically, no matter how many Anonymous members are convicted for trespassing, littering, disturbing the peace, hacking websites, cyber-stalking, distributing “cartoon” child-porn, harassing people via telephone, e.t.c., the real culprits–those who are behind these, and all the pre-Anonymous “world-wide” protests of Scientology–are the only ones who remain anonymous.


See related post:

Racist Hategroup Ordered to “Clean Up Their Mess”
…the known hate-group “Anonymous” to clean up their graffiti off the site walk:Note that some of these Anonymous are wearing “afro” type wigs. Did you know that there are no black Anonymous members? And why is that? Well, as you can read for yourself, Anonymous is racist and only wear wigs like that to mock those they refer to as “Nigras.””Nigra


A man armed with swords attacked security guards at the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre. It is not known if he is part of Anonymous, although it has been noted that many Anons do favor ninja and pirate costumes, with some even carrying swords to the protests.

This is addition to their fixation on”V” from “V for Vendetta,” in which a sword weilding vigilante is the hero of the story:

Updated LA Times article

“… Authorities did not release the name of the guard or man killed in the 1:30 p.m. shooting. The tape showed the man arriving at the Celebrity Centre’s Bronson Avenue parking lot in a red convertible, getting out of the vehicle and approaching a trio of security guards while waving a sword in each hand, Hara said. He said the man, who was described as being in his 40s, was “close enough to hurt them” when the guard fired. The man was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. …”

As I stated in a recent post, perhaps a little bit too late:

“…as with most hate groups and cults, there will always be that minority who will be unable to move on and accept defeat. But there are ways of safely handling those ones too.”



All claims about the Church of Scientology being a “vast criminal conspiracy” have been debunked, and Germany is now dropping its pursuit of a ban on Scientology, after finding insufficient evidence of illegal activity, according to security officials.

After a decade of government surveillance, all parties involved are agreeing that the investigation was a huge waste of time and money. “There never was a legal basis to open such proceedings,” according to Sabine Weber, a spokeswoman for Scientology in Germany.

Now that their farce has been utterly debunked, it’s likley that the “movement” will discontinue the monthly protests. Of course, as with most hate groups and cults, there will always be that minority who will be unable to move on and accept defeat. But there are ways of safely handling those ones too:



A popular San Diego community news website has removed an Anti-Scientology article from circulation today, thanks to my own corrective action:

In just over an hour, the Community Ambassador made and acted upon her decision:

Here is the portion of the article that I reported:

“At some point, public opinion will eventually turn Scientology into a pariah, political death, as accepted and admired as the KKK, the American Nazi Party, Al Qaeda, or any group that advocates the removal of inconvenient races, religions, or attitudes.”

It’s fascinating how Anonymous members continue to confuse “free speech” with “hate speech.” Hopefully, this example will serve to wake a few of them up, although judging by the raving reviews Anonymous gave the article at, I somehow doubt it:

For example:


Re: Anonymous @
that is what I call investigative journalism “


Location: Sinaloa, Mx.
Re: Anonymous @
You are an obviously talented writer; this is just the last in a series of excellent articles that demonstates your abilities! Keep up the good authorship! We all can learn from your writing. AdM”

Sadly, I can already predict Anonymous’ response: They will call me a Nazi, complain to the newspaper and tell them that I am a “Crypto-Scientologist” trying to “stop free speech,” and before you know it, their collective BAWWWING will have the Community ambassador intimidated into replacing the article. If she does not, they will deride her as a “Scilon plant” and she’ll be heckled accordingly–if not outright stalked.

I am not exaggerating. Just watch…


Original article link:


Mark no longer approves my commentary on his deeply flawed and totally biased blog, so I will just have to share my point of view here instead. In his most recent post,, Mark Bunker claims that Scientologists are stalking Anonymous. (How original, right?)

Go ahead and read his post, but I would also urge you to examine the truth:









Anonymous “FAIR GAMING” People Who Disagree With T…


Anonymous Stalks

Anonymous Retaliates


Anonymous Anti-Abortion Activism



More Arm-Chair Demagoguery From Chris Mullally

Every once in a while, a self-proclaimed “expert” has to jump on the bandwagon and directly address the membership of Anonymous:

Note the following:

Apples and oranges — mixing of incomparable quantities. For example, “our government has increased social spending by 5 billion dollars, while the previous government increased it only by 0.4 percent.” The latter sounds like less, but one cannot be sure without an absolute value.

Half-truth — making statements that are true only in a strict and relatively meaningless sense. For example, “the opposition have accused us of cutting foreign aid, but actually our government has increased foreign aid by 500 million dollars,” not mentioning that (adjusted for inflation) the allocated funds have in fact gone down.

False authority — relying on the general authority of a person who is not proficient in the discussed topic. For example, “the professor read my book, and liked it very much,” omitting the fact that it was a professor of chemistry who read a book on history.

False dilemma — assuming that there are only two possible opinions on a given topic. For example, “You’re either with us or against us…,” ignoring the possibility of a neutral position or divergence.

Demonization — identifying others as a mortal threat. Often this involves scapegoating — blaming others for one’s own problems. This is often advanced by using vague terms to identify the opposition group and then stereotyping that group. This allows the demagogue to exaggerate this group’s influence and ascribe any trait to them by identifying that trait in any individual in the group. This method can be aided by constructing a false dilemma that portrays opposition groups as having a value system that is the polar opposite of one’s own, as opposed to simply having different priorities. This method was incorporated by the Nazi regime to gain the general support of the public when it began to initiate its anti-Semitic policies.

Straw man — mischaracterizing the opposing position and then arguing against the mischaracterization.

Loaded question — posing a question with an implied position that the opponent does not have, e.g. “When did you stop taking bribes?”

Unrelated facts — bringing unrelated facts that sound in favor of the speaker’s agenda. For example, marking a vegetable or cereal product as “cholesterol free”. Since cholesterol is only found in animal products, such labeling does not actually distinguish this product from similar competitors.

Emotional appeal or personal attack — attempting to bring a discussion to an emotional level. For example, “Everyone is against me!”, “Can’t I be right just once?”, “You’re stupid!”, or just the classic retort “Shut up!”

Who’s Behind Anonymous? Following The Money…..

Tom Newton

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Religious Freedom Watch · Defending Religious Rights
A site devoted to exposing religious intolerance against Scientology and many other religions


Anonymous has announced their intention to try and “Ban ‘Valkyrie’ From Theaters” according to a recent post from Why We Protest Activism Forum by hate group member “J0eG0d”:

“HELLO – We might want to try sending “Activist Press Releases” to movie theaters (cinemas) and encourage them to NOT SHOW the movie ‘Valkyrie‘. Write letters to your local theater owners about the abuses of the Church of Scientology, current worldwide human rights protests, France/German court trials and that the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie will finance Scientology.”

Although most of the posters there rejected the idea on grounds that it violates free-speech (true), certain Anonymous “cyber-terrorist cells” have already established their plans of attack. This is typical: 95% of them act innocent, and most likely are. These are termed “moral-fags.” Then, the other 5%, the “Old-Guard Anons,” who can be considered the “terrorist-arm” of the hate group, go to work on behalf of the rest of them:

“Several cells have got plans in place for this already, not to mention what a certain uk troll comedian is doing.I don’t know, but I suspect the PN’s might be doing something for this too. The only way it will get foiled is if the UK premiere with Tommy boy is cancelled.”—Grinman

Please understand that I don’t want to invoke Godwin, but this rather reminicient of Nazi Germany.

Tom Newton