"Anonymous" Beginning to Resemble "Self-Styled Satanists"

Anonymous member and Youtube.com user “taxthecult13579” released the following video entitled “Scilons, this is what I think of you”:

A “Scilon” is what Anonymous members and Professional Anti-Scientologists like Tory Magoo and Mark Bunker call Scientologists. Name-calling is an important part of scapegoating and vilification; no persecution campaign would be possible without the use of dehumanizing labels.

It is ironic that Anonymous would invert a Scientology cross emblem since, historically speaking, “Satanists” never used inverted crosses because “Satanists” are largely fictional; prior to the nineteen sixties, they only existed in the imaginations of Christian propagandists. Until the Church of Satan opened it’s doors (gates?), there had never been any “official” guidelines as to what constituted “Satanism.” Therefore, most accounts of Satanists are actually those of “reverse-Christians.” Thus, the inverted crosses, the backwards prayers used in “Black Masses,” and other forms of sacrilege and blasphemy.

These “reverse-Christians” are generally regarded by the rest of society as misguided rebels seeking an outlet for their angst. Since it’s easier to get attention by being shocking and destructive, these self-styled Satanists begin to take pride in their roles and the fear they can create:

Similarly, many Anonymous members proudly bear the title “S.P.” which stands for “Suppressive Person.” Just as Christianity teaches about “unrepentant sinners” who are knowingly doing the work of the “devil,” which is to keep Christians from finding Christ, Scientology has defined it’s “devil,” the “Suppressive Person,” whose job it is to prevent Scientologists from reaching “Clear.”

Interestingly enough, there was a video on Youtube.com, which has since been removed for TOS violations, featuring an Anonymous member SODOMIZING HIMSELF WITH AN E-METER. Although I could not locate a copy of that video, I did find the following one, which an Anonymous member posted as a response to the E-METER SODOMY one. This indicates that they are fully aware of the need to be shocking to get a response:

Here’s a short, but very revealing, experiment for those who think I have taken this analogy too far:

1) Ask any “Self-Styled Satanist” to describe an average Christian.

2) Ask any self-proclaimed “S.P.” to describe an average Scientologist.

3) Ask any Christian to describe their beliefs.

4) Ask any Scientologist to describe their beliefs.

The obvious parallels suggest what many have known all along: Anonymous’ gripe with the Church of Scientology exists for the sole purpose of dressing up in creepy costumes, antagonizing outsiders, and sharing in whatever infamy belonging to a feared criminal gang may bring.



Suppressive Person – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Suppressive Person, often abbreviated SP, is a term used in Scientology to describe the “antisocial personalities” who, according to Scientology’s founder …

A Study of Gothic Subculture – Religion – Christian Satanism …
What’s a Christian Satanist? I would describe them as people who have been raised in the Christian tradition. They believe the principles and tenets …..

E-Meter Desecration/Sodomy


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  1. Anonymous on

    Thanks for the daily dose of lulz tom.

  2. Anonymous on

    I’m sure I remember you claiming to be a Satanist, Tom.

  3. TOM NEWTON on

    “Anonymous said… I’m sure I remember you claiming to be a Satanist, Tom.”<>I’m a Christian, thank you very much. TOM NEWTON<>

  4. Anonymous on

    ^So, you’re whatever suits your argument du jour.

  5. Anonymous on

    <>I’m a Christian, thank you very much.<>And yet on September 18th you said:<>Does Anonymous oppose the Church of Satan, btw?<>and:<>Well I don’t believe in Satan.Tom Newton<>also:<>Bullshit.There is no Anti-Christ, Beast, Jesus, Satan…Cool fairytale, but nahh…utter BS.Antichrists? Xenus?Seriously. Get a LOL.Tom Newton<>

  6. Anonymous on

    ^Almost forgot:<>I don’t believe in Satan or Jesus.<>

  7. Anonymous on

    Whoah, you should have kept the ‘Bruce’ persona, ‘Tom’. Your lies in the past are puncturing your current lies.

  8. Naknei on

    “To my knowledge, Christians are the only ones with a history of breaking into homes, raping, and killing.”-Tom Newton http://anonymous-is-a-hategroup.blogspot.com/2008/09/hostile-anonymous-member-controverial.html?showComment=1221267600000You said it tom

  9. Anonymous on

    Trolls usually quit when confronted with BS, but if that were the case with ol’ Tommy, he would’ve quit a long while ago.

  10. Anonymous on

    Bahahahaha!Tom Newton is a bigot, and walked right into that one.

  11. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and Ebaums are the haters behind the DDOS hack attacks, black faxes,death threats , protests, Vandalism (especially smashing church windows), racism, harassing people on the street, etc.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic) is the leader of Anonymous. so if you go after him you may be able to cripple anonymous for good.Bodyxpolitic is also the one who pissed on your preciousssss churchstop wanking it, and start investigating/ sending out Cease And Desist Letters

  12. Anonymous on

    Tory Magoo remains a whore.

  13. Anonymous on

    ^So, all you can do Tom when confronted with your bullshit is vandalise your own blog. Pathetic.

  14. Anonymous on

    Hahahaha gotta love Tom. Thanks again for the lulz, failtroll

  15. Anonymous on

    “^So, all you can do Tom when confronted with your bullshit is vandalise your own blog. Pathetic.”I am not Tom and I stand by what I said.

  16. Anonymous on

    ^nice try Tom

  17. Anonymous on

    “I’m a Christian, thank you very much.TOM NEWTON”“The man on the cross. There was no Christ.”L. Ron Hubbard

  18. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton: Cyberstalker, Internet Harasser, and Confirmed Cyberpath

  19. Gnephilim on

    Christians are far worst than scientologist. Christians as well as all other abrahamic religions will be the death of us. Its so odd that anon’s focus their efforts on the CoS when “gods chose people” are fucking everything else up. Keep the lulz rolling tom.

  20. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try Tom.

  21. Anonymous on

    And next on ‘the whimsical adventures of Tom Newton’ Tom claims his account was hacked by Anonymous and that he is, in fact, an atheist.

  22. Anonymous on

    i don’t think mark or tory ever used the term “scilon”

  23. Naknei on

    how did Anonymous get the term scilon?

  24. Anonymous on

    <>how did Anonymous get the term scilon?<>It refers to the way scientologists have been observed to respond to any attempt by critics at initiating a conversation (unthinking and emotionless) and is a derivative of the word Cylon.

  25. Naknei on

    so it is a pop culture reference Cylons robots that look like people and the Scientologists just giving rehearsed answers to all questions.Tom Scientologists and you do more name calling that anyone“perverted trash… RACIST… dolt… faggot… You are a DEMAGOGUE… Coward(directed to me)… Anonymous are DUPES… a whole lot of No Balls”-Tom Newton

  26. Naknei on

    Tom you are a hypocrite you use of dehumanizing labels and yet you criticize Anonymous using a pop culture reference.

  27. Anonymous on

    Tom the liar is still at it? Way to go, Tommy. Can’t say that you disappoint in that regard. Where’s your book, Tom? It’s just a lie that you put out there and you haven’t produced proof that it even exists. So where is it, Tom? And you are guilty of the very thing you accuse Anonymous of doing. Hypocrisy and lying in one post. Wonderful job, Tommy.

  28. Anonymous on

    i thought you worship seth?

  29. Anonymous on

    Lol, Tommy boy’s at the RPF. So much for perfect recall, if he had that he would have remembered his previous lies and modified his current ones accordingly.

  30. TOM NEWTON on

    “Anonymous said… i thought you worship seth?”<>Channeling and worshipping are two different things, troll.TOM NEWTON<>

  31. TOM NEWTON on

    “Anonymous said… i thought you worship seth?”<>Channeling and worshipping are two different things, troll.TOM NEWTON<>

  32. TOM NEWTON on

    “Anonymous said… i thought you worship seth?”<>Channeling and worshipping are two different things, troll.TOM NEWTON<>

  33. Anonymous on

    so you really believe in this Seth-thing?

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