According to one Scientologist posting in the comments’ sections:

“Individual Scientologists inform people of Scientology in person, not on the web. They’ve no time, for the most part, being busy and successful people on the whole, to shoot the breeze about Scientology on the web.

Attackers, on the other hand, have adopted the web as a tool of choice. Some attackers had been paid significant sums of money, to do little else.Since they are obsessed with destructive intent toward Scientology, some spend every waking minute making up facts, making up identities on various boards and discussion groups, posting on blogs, etc., and produce an undending stream of hostile rhetoric about my religion.

It’s pointless to try to correct or argue with them, as to engage them only inspires them to spew more.So a tiny but vocal group tends to monopolize discussions about Scientology with negative B.S. That’s what they choose to do with their lives.”

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on

    Wow, the level of misguidedness that person demonstrates is truly massive.

  2. Anonymous on

    quote must have been taken on opposite day

  3. Anonymous on

    good evening sir, I should reply to this on the original post but I would like to point out a few errors in you’r statement.Although individual scientologists do not defend on the web the organization hire members of OSA to do this. See the anonymous terrorist video, first seen on youtube. I would say the greatest person to show another example is Tory Magoo, who set up countelss sockpuppe accounts for the sake of OSA operatives. This was the reason she quit; she felt it was wrong.Tory Magoo is considered a liar by your organization correct? It is only right then that you should be weary of what she says, I am weary about what anyone on either side of this argument says, so i take most things with a pinch of salt, but let me ask you this: do you honestly believe that ANYONE who speaks out against the church of scientology is a liar, a pedo et cetera?Think about it, every stand alone critic or former member is denounced and any testimony dismissed.Co-incidence?Okay don’t get me wrong, perhaps some are liars or whatever, but EVERYONE?Other than the testemony of the church and her husband THROUGH the SCIENTOLOGY website “Religious Freedom Watch”.I don’t like being one sided in any debate, which is why I oppose some members methods of attacking the belief; I believe it is a persons right to choose, even if I believe it is crap or lies that is only my opinion, for all I know in truth it could be true, we know L ron was a deviant in ihis navy days but hey mabey he did have some sort of religious experiance?My point: not all of us are about streaming crap about your religion, but that’s irrelivant, you should look at both sides, anon SO commit cyber crimes, but on the other hand the ones protesting scientology arent responsible, and even if they were, look into what they are saying, look at both sides of the argument and i really mean look, if im reading Dienetics for several weeks trying to keep an open mind try and read some websites with an open mind.Please dont missunderstand we protest the way the organization conducts itselfat least that is why I protestI believe that the freezone is currently the only place that scientology “tec” can be practiced safelyhmmmmn this is a long post… that’s okay i think I forget things easily WOW LOOK A BEACH =DAlso take anything I say with a pinch of salt, mine is jsut an opinion

  4. Anonymous on

    Dr4g0nK1d (JedineKazama), Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your orgs and its staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic) is the leader of Anonymous.Dr4g0nK1d (aka JedineKazama) is the one who pissed all over your preciousssss orgTehbigtoaster is the one who hacked palins email account

  5. Anonymous on

    ^Pathetic Tom, truly pathetic. Face it, you’re all alone, pretending people agree with you.

  6. TOM NEWTON on

    <>Anonymous members have burned books, broken windows, libeled and slandered countless innocent people, and have perpetuated the most EXTENSIVE RACIST CYBER-ATTACK IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET.Tom<>

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Anonymous on

    ^Samefag. Again, a crap and pathetic try Tom.

  9. Anonymous on

    <>libeled and slandered<>Protip: It’s not libel or slander when what you’re saying is true. Also, [citation needed]

  10. Anonymous on

    I guess we have burned books but hey when no one’s reading Dianetics and it’s cold it’s perfect fuel for a fire. Anonymous is also not racist, anonymous hates everyone and anyone equally because Anonymous is everyone and anyone.

  11. Anonymous on

    http://www.texasrainmaker.com/2007/03/20/supporting-the-troops/Is the picture behind “Anonymous Preaches Death to America” Reading the article reveals even further that anonymous has nothing to do with this.Once again tom, you have utterly, utterly failed you dimwitted sack of dogshit. I will be posting this every single time you add a new article so everyone that reads this craptastic blog knows how much of a gigantic retarded faggot you are.OH LOL WAIT, WE ALL DO ALREADY HAAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOLOL

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