Anti-Free Speech Activists Hiding Behind an American Flag

Infamous free-speech hating cyber-bully collective known as “Anonymous” has been spotted waving around an American flag in support of their Anti-American activities in Clearwater, Florida this weekend:

While this tactic did not originate with “Anonymous,” it is no less transparent than when these guys used it:

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on

    Sorry Tom but freedom of speech does not equal freedom to exploit your fellow human beings. It’s fine to have crackpot beliefs, it’s not fine to ruthlessly exploit people.

  2. Anonymous on

    That you would ruthlessly exploit the deaths of thousands of innocent people to further your own baseless, petty little campaign of hate shows just what a terrible person you are.

  3. Anonymous on

    “waving around an American flag…Anti-American activities in Clearwater.”Protests of a corrupt religious organization is not “Anti-American” peaceful assembly is protected by the Constitution so it so it is a Pro-American activity.The blogger is extremely paranoid

  4. Anonymous on

    Dr4g0nK1d (JedineKazama), Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your orgs and its staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic) is the leader of Anonymous. he is also known as “advocate for painful death”Dr4g0nK1d (aka JedineKazama) is the one who pissed all over your preciousssss orgTehbigtoaster is the one who hacked palins email account

  5. Anonymous on

    ^no one believes you, creep.

  6. Anonymous on

    No believes Tom

  7. Anonymous on the picture behind “Anonymous Preaches Death to America” Reading the article reveals even further that anonymous has nothing to do with this.Once again tom, you have utterly, utterly failed you dimwitted sack of dogshit. I will be posting this every single time you add a new article so everyone that reads this craptastic blog knows how much of a gigantic retarded faggot you are.OH LOL WAIT, WE ALL DO ALREADY HAAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOLOL

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