The following video features an offended Scientologist voicing his opinion about a flyer which an “Anonymous” member handed to him. Professional Anti-Scientologist Mark Bunker could not resist inserting his bias into the clip, and actually takes up the majority of it.

Keep in mind, we do not know for certain that the individual is actually a Scientologist. Only “experts” like Bunker can profess to have that kind of knowledge. Also keep in mind that Bunker is known for provoking heated responses with his confrontational brand of ambush journalism, so this incident certainly has a precedent, which Bunker conveniently left out:

PREDICATABLY (see related posts), Mark Bunker and others are already milking that video clip, and probably will for DECADES. It will serve as “proof” that ALL Scientologists are dangerous to the nearly 9000+ morons that are prepared to believe it.



Mark Bunker Calls Anonymous to Action!

…Mark no longer approves my commentary on his deeply flawed and totally biased blog, so I will just have to share my point of view here instead. In his most recent


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    And you make Generalizations about Anonymous. Hypocrite.

  2. Anonymous on

    erm… sorry to say but ambush journalism woulg be if he ambushed that guy to create a responce, not that guy ambushing him :Salso when you say he does sush things please actually point to a source, give evidence et cetera, don’t link to debated articles which seem to have the scientology critics beating you in several arguments… :S

  3. Anonymous on

    here is the situation as Tom sees it. The guy (probably a Scientologists) is minding his own business When Mark when Mark using his demonic power forces the man it to a restaurant their he is forcefully given a flier. The poor man reacts how a normal person reacts to being possessed by such a fat manLOL Tom you need help!!the missing footage was because he just turned his camera on.TOM is vary paranoid

  4. Anonymous on

    Dr4g0nK1d (JedineKazama), Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your orgs and its staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic) is the leader of Anonymous. he is also known as “advocate for painful death”Dr4g0nK1d (aka JedineKazama) is the one who pissed all over your preciousssss orgTehbigtoaster is the one who hacked palins email account.its time to send them all Cease and Desist letters

  5. Anonymous on

    And here is the flyer, that offended him:<>Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Run Away Screaming From Scientology:10. All they want is your money. Everything costs money in Scientology, and after you finish a course, they come after you with heavy sales tactics to get more. Estimates are that it would cost over $300,000 to reach the top levels of Scientology. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s instructed, “Make money, make more money — make other people produce so as to make money.”9. $cientology destroys families. There are countless stories of people having to separate from their families due to Scientology, because of their process of shunning called disconnection. Husbands are separated from wives, and children from their parents, if Scientology decides someone should be shunned. Checkout for many personal accounts.8. The “Church” of $cientology mistreats its employees. Sea Org members are paid less than $100/week, while working 6-7 days with virtually no time off. Women are encouraged to have abortions to keep up productivity. Under-producers and doubters end up in the “RPF”, which is like a mind altering gulag, where a worker might clean toilets, eat bad food, get little sleep, or even run around a pole for 8hrs/day. L.Ron Hubbard was a liar and a kook. The late leader of Scientology made up stories about his education and military career that were lies, and he once said that he had personally visited an asteroid belt. Apparently it was really hot there.6. The “Church” insists that $cientology cannot be questioned or doubted. How can an organization not become corrupt if there is no way to question its practices? Scientologists are told to fill out “Knowledge reports” against “Any person who is hypercritical of Scientology or the Church” or who makes “Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists.” That is one way that criticism is terminated. Another is “ethics” and “security checks” that members are put through, which are actually mind control procedures used to stamp out criticism.5. The “Church” of $cientology claims to be able to cure disease with an e-meter and vitamins. Numerous deaths have occurred from cancer and other illnesses because CO$ believes it can cure people better than a medical doctor. See, and $cientology practices “fair game,” and “black PR” on its critics. Here’s what L. Ron Hubbard said should be done to any critic: “Ruin him utterly.” That means picketing their houses, spreading rumors to their neighbors, and suing them until they give up. Check out $cientology hinders people from getting real help that they might need, and they don’t mind using tricks to do it. Scientology “volunteers” show up at disaster sites like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to “help,” but what they really want to do is sell their books and recruit new members. Ever heard of Narconon? No, not the 12-step based program that gets people off of drugs (that’s Narcotics anonymous). Narconon is a front group for Scientology. They trick people by using a similar name, in order to recruit new members. http://www.stop-narconon.org2. $cientology is against free speech. Time magazine, various writers, and even Google have all been sued by Scientology in an effort to intimidate the press and free speech.1. And the number one reason you should run away screaming from $cientology: It’s just plain silly. Have you heard the story about Xenu? He’s the intergalactic warlord, who blew up the alien souls in volcanoes, which are stuck to us humans and now wreak havoc. See This is what Scientologists learn after spending thousands of dollars on training. Save your money. Run!<>

  6. Anonymous on

    Mark Bunker is an intelligent man that has so much potential to do good. Unfortunately, he uses Scientology as a scapegoat for his own personal failures. He has become a user and liar that just can’t be trusted. Anonymous really doesn’t know how much money Mark Bunker has made off of them. What happened to you Mark? Step back and reevaluate your life.

  7. Anonymous on

    Mark Bunker is such a worthless fuck. I heard he went on a diet and lost 200 pounds. He now is a healthy 450 pounds. He and Tory have about as much class as a bucket of vomit lodged on top of a dumpster in a Blue Light district of New Jersey.

  8. Anonymous on

    <>Step back and reevaluate your life.<>Take your own advice Tom.

  9. Anonymous on

    “Take your own advice Tom.”There is a white van outside of your house.

  10. Anonymous on the picture behind “Anonymous Preaches Death to America” Reading the article reveals even further that anonymous has nothing to do with this.Once again tom, you have utterly, utterly failed you dimwitted sack of dogshit. I will be posting this every single time you add a new article so everyone that reads this craptastic blog knows how much of a gigantic retarded faggot you are.OH LOL WAIT, WE ALL DO ALREADY HAAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOLOL

  11. Anonymous on

    Bunker won an Emmy… what have you done? SCIENTOLOGY IS RETARDED

  12. Anonymous on

    <>There is a white van outside of your house.<>I know, it belongs to the plumber, now start re-evaluating your life Tom.

  13. Anonymous on

    tom newton is a niggerfaggot

  14. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try Tom.

  15. Anonymous on

    “Bunker won an Emmy… what have you done?”Even the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in a while.What has he done since then? Does he plan on living off of that forever? You are probably one of those people that live off of their junior high “glory” days.

  16. TomNewton on

    I shill for a cult

  17. Anonymous on

    Someone drop AnonOrange’s dox please.

  18. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton aka Wally Hanks3628 24TH PL W #APT 201SEATTLE, WA 98199(206) 818-2652

  19. Anonymous on

    Bombs are planted.The cult dies on New Years Day at 12:01am GMT.<>You have been warned.<>

  20. Anonymous on

    <>Bombs are planted.The cult dies on New Years Day at 12:01am GMT.You have been warned.<>In case anyone’s new here, this is Tom making another useless attempt to manufacture crimes.

  21. Anonymous on

    It is not Tom Newton.Enjoy your fail faggots. Project Chanology is going down by New Years and all be we set up the bombs.

  22. Anonymous on

    ^Oh, okay, we’d better believe the anonymous poster that says he’s <>not<> Tom Newton.[/sarcasm]Moar liek lulzbringer, amirite?

  23. Anonymous on

    Tom Newbton is a niggerfaggot who likes to touch little boys and girls.

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