In a video aptly titled “WTF Guys?,” Anonymous supporter “Crazy Delaney” expresses his disappointment in the hate group for their now infamous “OPERATION SLICK PUBES,” in which the Anti-Scientology Activists performed several disgusting acts with the intention of offending parishioners:

(CLICK HERE, since Delaney no longer allows this video to be embedded, being the free speech hating fascist that he is…)

Delaney seems convinced that the video could spell disaster for the groups’ ailing public image. Additionally, he acknowledges that he’s speaking out in spite of the consequences of doing so (Anonymous declares all those who speak out against them “Fair Game):

“…call me a moral fag, drop my docs, feed me to the chans…”

For an example of what may possibly await Delaney, see : http://anonymous-is-a-hategroup.blogspot.com/2008/10/anonymous-continued-cyber-stalking-of.html

Tom Newton


CrazyDelaney’s Hotspot (where it all happens)


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  1. Anonymous on

    “Fair Game” is a Scientology term

  2. CrazyDelaney on

    I’m not on your side, Tom.

  3. Naknei on

    I did not expect Tom to post this video. but C.D. is not anti-Anonymous just anti-stupidshit.“… They should all be sent to Guantanamo bay.”_TOM NEWTON

  4. TOM NEWTON on

    <>Hey Delaney, Aren’t you afraid that they might come raid your < HREF="http://crazydelaney.com/blog/" REL="nofollow">“Hot Spot”<>Tom Newton<>

  5. Anonymous on

    Why should we? He is just speaking out on something he found to be over the top. He isn’t going out of his way to try and derail the protests, like you. He is not trying to paint Anonymous, as a whole, as the Cyber Terrorists. He is just stating his disgust.

  6. CrazyDelaney on

    Hey Tom…. Nobody has dropped my docs. Nobody has threatened me. All I’ve had happen is a few people called me a moral fag. Big deal. Did you ever think I said that line about “feeding me to the chans” just to get your pants fitting a little tighter? YHBT. I’m not worried about repercussions, Tommy boy. I just thought the pubic thing was tasteless however… Anonymous are not the ones making medical claims, are they? You can go on thinking that’s my blog, Tom. Keep on failing. 🙂

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Anonymous on

    oh my lol. tom tom tom… LOL

  9. Anonymous on

    It was very brave of Crazy Delaney to speak out against Anonymous. He was lucky that his channel hasn’t got much attention among Anonymous, otherwise there would probably now be an entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica about him and a fair game declaration on /i/.

  10. Fragged Mind on

    ^Wow…Just wow. Look at the reverse psychology here. Take what is now known about Scientology and say that is is an Anonymous thing.PTS/SP Course Printed 1987 Pages 165-168, Also called HCO POLICY LETTER OF 11 MAY 1971, Issue III: Black PR, (c)1962-2009 Church of Scientology International, calls this “dead agenting”.In the same book it explains how to Disconnect on page 185.Page 139 of the same book also mentions “THE FAIR GAME LAW” with no mention of any type of cancellation Policy or Policy Letter.

  11. Anonymous on

    tom newton likes nigger dick

  12. Anonymous on

    ^Come on Tom, that’s not funny.

  13. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your churches staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic aka Advocate for Painful Death) is the leader of Anonymous and is the one who made the bomb threats and also participated in the attacks that shut down the church of scientology website and caused as much as 7000 dollars in damage. he also is the one who is threatening jeff stone and his family and spread pubic hair on the churchTehbigtoaster is the person who hacked palins email account and wrote the “IF YOU F***ING DELETE THIS COMMENT ONE MORE F***ING TIME I WILL SPAM YOUR F***ING BLOG TO OBLIVION B**CH, DONT F***ING TEST ME TOM” commentits time to send them all Cease and Desist letters. or better yet, arrest them

  14. TIM NEWTON on

    “Anonymous said… tom newton likes nigger dickJanuary 13, 2009 10:20 AM Anonymous said… ^Come on Tom, that’s not funny.January 13, 2009 11:02 AM”<>^It’s “African-American Penis” that I crave. Please be respectful.Tim Newton<>

  15. CrazyDelaney on

    Hey Tom, It wasn’t religious persecution.

  16. Anonymous on

    Gentlemen,We are fucking sick of the continuous misuse of Anonymous. Project Chanology will be used in reverse, yes you read that right, it will be used against every single moralfaggot, until they learn the lesson not to fuck with Anonymous. They are a bunch of fucktards wannabe heroes. The moralfaggots have been under the thumb of the old guard to this very day. The wrath of Anonymous will be upon them. Start finding your name. If your name is not listed its not because we don’t know it. We just want you to be glued to your computer screen chewing your nails every day to see if your name appears on our Internets. It won’t be just your name everything else about you and connected to you will be made public. Anonymous took on scientology for the lulz. It wasn’t meant to be a fucking long prank. We had our lulz, we moved on. We took down enturbulation.org.WWP is getting inoculated with its very own anti-cancer cure.We has WWP DB, and we have moar.Do you think socal anon have a secret surprise that will be announced on 17 January? We know your doo dah plan and we will be there with you to fuck you up like you have never been fucked up before. That’s just a taste of what we are doing for the socal cocksuckers. Other wannabe anon will get a different type of medicine for their cancer on January 17th.Anonymous delivers. *long list of names”

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