Anonymous’ “Project Chanology” was launched as their initial “MESSAGE TO SCIENTOLOGY” video was uploaded. A couple days ago, the video mysteriously disappeared from the internet, along with the account hosting it:

The account, as it turns out, was held by none other than Gregg Housh, the Boston Anon who had been charged with harassment for his role in anti-religion hate demonstrations:

“Hello everyone. At this point the account is still suspended. When I try and login I get a message telling me that it is permanently disabled. I have filed the counter-claim. I am waiting on youtubes response. ” Source: WhyWeBawwwwwwwForums

His counter-claim has been filed, and is posted here for your perusal:

From: “Gregg H” greggatghc_g_mail_com
Subject: YouTube DMCA Counter-Notification
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 10:23:01 -0500

> I am filing counter-claim against all actions that have been taken on
this account in the last couple weeks.
> Address:
> Gregg Housh
>53 Cedar St. #3311
>Woburn, MA 01801
>Phone: 781-838-0766
>Username: church0fscientology

> I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief
> that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or
> misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled.
> And as for this part:
> “Provide a statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal
> District Court for the judicial district in which your address is
> located (or San Francisco County, California if your address is
> outside of the United States), and that you will accept service of
> process from the person who provided notification under subsection
> (c)(1)(C) or an agent of such person.”
> Yes, I will accept anything I have to from the people trying to get my
> information out of you by filing false claims and cheating your
> system.

Housh’s counter-claim was responded to without so much as an apology, reinforcing the belief of many overzealous Anonymous members that the Church of Scientology “controls Youtube”:

“Dear Gregg,

Thank you for your counter-notification. It has been forwarded to the party that sent the take down notification. If we receive no response, your material will be restored between 10 and 14 business days from today.



The YouTube Team”

Housh’s response:

“That is completey unacceptable. The person who filed the claim used someone elses name to file it falsely. It is not a valid claim, the person whose name they used is on our side of this fight and is more than willing to talk to you. Your methods here are disgusting and they are allowing your system to be abused. The policy is broken. My account did nothing wrong, not a single thing and now my videos are down for weeks. And on top of that you are now sending all of this information to the other side who are only doing this to get the information. It is just amazing. The EFF is being contacted. I dont know what can be done to fight your broken policy, but it must be changed.


Like “Anon-Orange,” the “Angry Gay Pope,” “Paul Fetch,” and other outed Anonymous members, Gregg Housh is living proof that Scientologists don’t hunt down and murder their critics as Anonymous members would have you believe.

Tom Newton


Scientology News for October 2008 – TopixOct 17, 2008 … criminal harassment against ‘Anonymous’ anti-Scientology activist Gregg Housh, …. Thu Oct 02, 2008. Village Voice · Back-Door Messiah? …

The PhoenixAnonymous’s Gregg Housh is committed to bringing down the Church of Scientology. Is he a gadfly or a goon? In a world wracked with uncertainty

Anonymous Facing Charges Of Criminal Harassment


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  1. CrazyDelaney on

    You just dropped his docs. You don’t have any morals.. do you Tom?

  2. Anonymous on

    Gentlemen,We are fucking sick of the continuous misuse of Anonymous. Project Chanology will be used in reverse, yes you read that right, it will be used against every single moralfaggot, until they learn the lesson not to fuck with Anonymous. They are a bunch of fucktards wannabe heroes. The moralfaggots have been under the thumb of the old guard to this very day. The wrath of Anonymous will be upon them. Start finding your name. If your name is not listed its not because we don’t know it. We just want you to be glued to your computer screen chewing your nails every day to see if your name appears on our Internets. It won’t be just your name everything else about you and connected to you will be made public. Anonymous took on scientology for the lulz. It wasn’t meant to be a fucking long prank. We had our lulz, we moved on. We took down is getting inoculated with its very own anti-cancer cure.We has WWP DB, and we have moar.Do you think socal anon have a secret surprise that will be announced on 17 January? We know your doo dah plan and we will be there with you to fuck you up like you have never been fucked up before. That’s just a taste of what we are doing for the socal cocksuckers. Other wannabe anon will get a different type of medicine for their cancer on January 17th.Anonymous delivers. *long list of names”

  3. LOL on


  4. Anonymous on

    flagging blog for posting of personal information, youve gone too far this time tom, we will make you pay. flagging is just the beginning. when you feel the full wrath of anonymous you will wish you had never been born you fucking waste of bandwith. judgement is coming-anonymous

  5. Anonymous on

    Pardon me sir, but how did you get your hands on this counter-claim form? I cannot find it on any of the “hategroup”‘s websites.(sorry for the use of the name anonymous, I don’t have an account)

  6. Anonymous on

    tom=ollie schaper aka over 9000 psudonyms aka OSA

  7. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your churches staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic aka Advocate for Painful Death) is the leader of Anonymous and is the one who made the bomb threats and also participated in the attacks that shut down the church of scientology website and caused as much as $7000 in damage. he also is the one who is threatening jeff stone and his family and spread pubic hair on the churchTehbigtoaster is the person who hacked palins email account and wrote the “IF YOU F***ING DELETE THIS COMMENT ONE MORE F***ING TIME I WILL SPAM YOUR F***ING BLOG TO OBLIVION B**CH, DONT F***ING TEST ME TOM” commentits time to send them all Cease and Desist letters. or better yet, arrest them

  8. Anonymous on

    <>Like “Anon-Orange,” the “Angry Gay Pope,” “Paul Fetch,” and other outed Anonymous members, Gregg Housh is living proof that Scientologists don’t hunt down and murder their critics as Anonymous members would have you believe.<>No one said that. Strawman argument Tom.

  9. Anonymous on

    <>Gentlemen,Blah blah blah*long list of names”<>No one cares, Tom you’re egofag impressions are not getting better. If you paid someone for lessons I suggest you attempt to get a refund.

  10. Anonymous on

    ^Sorry, your, not you’re. My bad

  11. Anonymous on

    Wow those Scilons must have poor memories (perfect recall my ass, you wasted your money guys). Censorship is what brought Anonymous together in the first place. The video doesn’t matter but, just to show how impotent the bigoted actions of Scientology are, it will be reposted.

  12. Anonymous on

    Paul Fitch is not “Anonymous”. You’re so dumb and it shows.

  13. Anonymous on

    <>ANONYMOUS REELING FROM RECENT LOSS OF ICONIC “MESSAGE TO SCIENTOLOGY” VIDEO<>No more than Anonymous members would be ‘reeling’ from finding out the weather is overcast. Dirty tricks like this weren’t unexpected and just go to show how desperate the cult is to suppress the truth. In some ways this is a victory.

  14. Garry Scarff on

    sorry guys, i couldn’t resist lol

  15. Anonymous on

    !January 14, 2009 5:52 PMDelete

  16. Anonymous on

    Tom is a lWOG lol

  17. Anonymous on

    I am Tom. censorship is good!All information will go through the C.S.I. before going to your homes to provide only safe reliable information. Also, all public library will be shut down and the illicit minerals will be disposed of.

  18. Anonymous on

    “Paul Fitch is not “Anonymous””But he does go to the San Diego protests together with other pseudo-moralfags pseudo-anonymous morons like Barbz.That’s hilarious you should say he is not anonymous! As if now anonymous members carry membership cards!

  19. Anonymous on

    (720) 290-9438here is Naknei’s Phone Number too TOM

  20. Anonymous on

    Here is Tom’s phone number:(818) 588-3044

  21. Naknei on

    (720) 290-9438this is my phone number call it if you want

  22. Anonymous on

    Hey Douchebag Tom,Don’t worry – we’ve got screenshots of you publishing personal information in your blog.Wouldn’t want you to lose your Blogger account for being a douchebag.

  23. Anonymous on

    if you did this you are so fucked this time.

  24. Naknei on

    Don’t flag this blog it is vary self-evident the Tom is a bigot and every post hurts his causeTom: call me (720) 290-9438

  25. Anonymous on

    call me tom i am the leader of anonymous 212-384-1000we can discuss things

  26. TOM NEWTON on


  27. Anonymous on


  28. Anonymous on


  29. Anonymous on

    Tom is using reverse psychology lol

  30. Anonymous on

    “WhyWeBawwwwwwwForums”I like that Tom! ROFL!You make me laugh, Tom. Please don’t close this blog I am having too much fun.

  31. Anonymous on

    Excuse me Sir, you just dropped there something.

  32. Oschaper on

    I did it for the lulz

  33. Anonymous on

    dox dropping either by anons or scientology faggots is a cuntish thing to do.congratulations. the cult has won. anons are self destructing. ne1 here reading who is proud to be a member of the chans? dont be cos ur their next victim fuckhead. yeah ur the cool guy in the chans. everyone thinks u are cool right now posting shit, creating lulz, but that will turn in a heartbeat and you'll be reading ur own dox here.maybe some dumb pubed & vaselined cunts can have even more fun in a couple of years time now that the cult has won and they have more member and orgs for said cunts to run around in.fucking grow up kiddies. the real world out there doesnt care that some little brats locked in a turd infested speck of the internet think they are cool and shocking.

  34. Anonymous on

    It seems the chans are buthurt :pDude, if you don’t want anything to do with the protests then don’t, these guys arent doing anything to you :pUsually I’d see it as trolling, but it seems by the tone of your post you are actually butthurt :pAlthough what would be quite funny is if this has nothing to do with the chans… something about the language seems to forced…Ahh well.I can’t believe i saw the day the chans were bawwing xD

  35. Thomas on

    and you call anonymous the terrorists? You just released the information (private I might add) to people who don’t need to know it. Great job! I’ve reported your blog for that now.

  36. TOM NEWTON on

    “Thomas said… and you call anonymous the terrorists? You just released the information (private I might add) to people who don’t need to know it. Great job! I’ve reported your blog for that now.”<>Hypocrite.< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>HITLIST ON “ED”<><>< HREF="" REL="nofollow">HITLIST on<>Tom Newton<>

  37. Anonymous on

    <>Hypocrite.<>There’s no agressive language and no demands made in exchange for the removal of that data. Unlike your hate filled blog.

  38. Anonymous on

    <>HITLIST ON “ED”<>That was labelled as innacurate by dig and the link is dead. I guess blogspot doesn’t tolerate your hate speech Tom.

  39. Anonymous on

    Please shutdown you’re blog Tom, by now you must know that the only people who read it are Anons who enjoy feeding trolls.

  40. Anonymous on

    Anonymous does not approve.Way to fuck yourself over, dude.

  41. Thomas on

    “TOM NEWTON said… “Thomas said… and you call anonymous the terrorists? You just released the information (private I might add) to people who don’t need to know it. Great job! I’ve reported your blog for that now.” Hypocrite. HITLIST ON “ED” HITLIST on Tom Newton”ok, I’m not anonymous. Don’t call me a hypocrite. Also let me put it this way to you. You feel yourself better than them, yet you act just like them in a few areas.The main thing that separates you and them is that YOU are the bigot.

  42. Anonymous on

    Alan Connor606 E Manitoba Ave, Apt 204Ellensburg, WA 98926-3876509-962-1048

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