“Anonymous” has a long history of protesting censorship on the Internet. Since early 2008, video sharing website has been a major focal point in their “WAR ON SCIENTOLOGISTS.” Their war itself was triggered by’s removal of a Tom Cruise video, which Anonymous felt was rightfully the property of the “Internets“.

This is what makes their current project all the more hypocritical. They are currently trying to suppress the following video, which draws a comparison between the religious persecution of Scientologists with that of the Jews:

The Anonymous member who initiated this action displayed a clear disdain for Jews as well as Scientologists, as evidenced by the title of their posting at

$cilons attack “Stop” banner via JewTube

Anonymous members plan to “…Man the poons to get this video removed” from what they know as “JEW-TUBE” (Anonymous’ rabid Antisemitism is well documented).

So if the video is not there when you click play, then you’ll know that Anonymous’ “FAIR GAME” tactics are being used to the fullest extent.

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on

    Godwin’s Law


    thats it…you are too stupid to talk are officially the most retarded person on this planet.goodbye dumbass

  3. Anonymous on

    That is a hugely anti-Semitic video. What the Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis was nothing less than criminal and to even suggest a similarity between that and peaceful protests against a cult that does nothing but exploit humanity is sickening.Shame on the person that made it and shame on you Tom for posting it.

  4. Thomas Newton on

    <>Excuse me, but you do not have the moral highground here.Why are you CENSORING?Tom Newton<>

  5. Anonymous on

    Only one poster in that thread wanted to censor.

  6. Thomas Newton on

    “Only one poster in that thread wanted to censor.”<>Because of my swift action.I kept Anonymous in line.Tom Newton<>

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Anonymous on

    <>I kept Anonymous in line.<>Yeah, and I caused the sun to rise this morning.

  9. Thomas Newton on

    <>If I hadn’t drawn attention to it, /b/lack ops would have taken the video down. Much like Anonymous flags many videos which threaten to expose their true nature.Now, if Anonymous flags that video,e veryone will see first hand how Anonymous silences it’s critics.Tom Newton<>

  10. Anonymous on

    <>If I hadn’t drawn attention to it, /b/lack ops would have taken the video down.Much like Anonymous flags many videos which threaten to expose their true nature.<>[citation needed]

  11. Anonymous on

    “Much like Anonymous flags many videos which threaten to expose their true nature.”You and the Co$ are the one using false DMCA complaints to take Anti-Scientology videos down, not Anonymous.

  12. Naknei on

    like the flagging raids you and your sock puppets did to hundreds of videos?You can’t have the high ground when you perform the actions you are accusing others of.

  13. Thomas Newton on

    <>I’m not associated with Anonymous, nor with Scientology.If I take down someone’s videos,it’s because I find that tactic to be politically expedient. <>

  14. Naknei on

    ^So you are a lone bigot.You are even more guilty then Anonymous. You steal personal information and give it to a group that wrote fake bomb threats in to frame someone (see Pallet Copper)

  15. Thomas Newton on

    “…You are even more guilty then Anonymous.”<>So you admit that Anonymous is guilty?<>

  16. Naknei on

    Only if you are only if you are.

  17. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your churches staff and members. Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic aka Advocate for Painful Death) is the leader of Anonymous and is the one who made the bomb threats and also participated in the attacks that shut down the church of scientology website and caused as much as $7000 in damage. he also is the one who is threatening jeff stone and his family Tehbigtoaster is the person who hacked palins email account and wrote the “IF YOU FUCKING DELETE THIS COMMENT ONE MORE FUCKING TIME I WILL SPAM YOUR FUCKING BLOG TO OBLIVION BITCH, DONT FUCKING TEST ME TOM” comment. its time to send them all Cease and Desist letters.

  18. Anonymous on

    wow this blog is what the cult is doing to fight anonymous?….haha

  19. Anonymous on

    Anonymous as well as ex-sea org members and many other ex-scientology members have sent documents and their personal stories of human trafficking and human rights abuse to Ammesty International, the largest human rights group in the world which recently updated Anonymous that their stories and evidence has been sent to london who specializes in human trafficking cases.The stories, documents, and proof of Scientology’s hate crimes will be exposed and on every major media news outlet soon.While your “proof” of anonymous is given to local police? Rofl. Also we’re well aware of Scientology gathering our names and have been from the start. Using multiple fake names can have it’s uses.

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