Anonymous and other anti-Scientology extremists lie. They work very hard to perpetuate certain stereotypes, and then set about manufacturing “evidence” to support their fabrications.

For example, professional anti-Scientologist and Anonymous agitator Tommy Gorman has over 170 videos on his channel. In 157 of his videos, Gorman talks about the “suspicious white vans” driving by his house:

Strangely, Tommy never bothers to go outside to investigate. Ever. Here’s an example of Tommy gossiping, lying, slandering, and fabricating:

Pathetically, the Anonymous members who religiously watch this kook’s videos are oblivious to his total lack of supporting evidence. Where’s the police report? Where are the photographs?

And before you give Tommy the benefit of the doubt, take a look at the related post to read about a recent stunt he and his wife pulled, in an ill-conceived plot to gather more support for their hate campaign.

Tom Newton


Acting like a thug and harassing members of a religious minority doesn’t bring Tommy Gorman the attention it used to, so he has resorted to lying and scapegoating…..”


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  1. Anonymous on

    Seriously Tom? All you are doing is copying the same stuff over and over. This is old.

  2. Thomas Newton on

    Skilled propagandists, such as your movement’s more prominent members, understand the value of repetition.My documentation of your hate campaign reflects this tendency.

  3. Anonymous on

    Tommy Gorman was born into the cult of Scientology and he left after his wife got raped by the Scientologist Gabriel Scott Williams and the Cult tried to cover it up.

  4. Thomas Newton on

    <>Anonymous calls rape “black sex.”Apparently, it’s “satire” to them.Learn more about Anonymous and thier callous, life-hating attitudes about rape:<>

  5. Thomas Newton on

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>

  6. Anonymous on

    ^Again, citing ED is even less valid than citing wikipedia in a debate, it just makes you look childish.

  7. Anonymous on

    where is your proof you dumb faggot.Tom Newton, you are the dumbest person ever. Seriously… what proof do you have that says Tommy is lying. I’ll rape your wife and see whether you like it…. (not gonna happen though cos shes an ugly bitch.)

  8. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your churches staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic aka Advocate for Painful Death) is the leader of Anonymous and is the one who made the bomb threats and also participated in the attacks that shut down the church of scientology website and caused as much as $7000 in damage. he also is the one who is threatening jeff stone and his familyTehbigtoaster is the person who hacked palins email account and wrote the “IF YOU FUCKING DELETE THIS COMMENT ONE MORE FUCKING TIME I WILL SPAM YOUR FUCKING BLOG TO OBLIVION BITCH, DONT FUCKING TEST ME TOM” commentits time to send them all Cease and Desist letters. or better yet, arrest them

  9. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try Tom.

  10. Anonymous on

    You have my support Tom. These people that are being harassed and stalked by the Church deserve it because of the criticisms they make. It is pure terrorism to in any way criticise scientology because of the damage their words do, this scares me and other members, making it terrorism.Their terrorism infringes my freedom and it must be stopped at all costs, no matter how extreme it seems it is all in the name of a good cause, let’s clear the planet!

  11. Anonymous on

    Anonymous should watch out. They’ll be getting what’s coming to them soon enough. Their protesting has gone on long enough and the only reason the CoS has tolerated it for this long is because of how many of them there are. Enough’s enough, they will be punished for daring to oppose Scientology.

  12. Anonymous on

    ^nice try Tom

  13. Anonymous on

    nice fail tom

  14. Anonymous on

    Anonymous as well as ex-sea org members and many other ex-scientology members have sent documents and their personal stories of human trafficking and human rights abuse to Ammesty International, the largest human rights group in the world which recently updated Anonymous that their stories and evidence has been sent to london who specializes in human trafficking cases.The stories, documents, and proof of Scientology’s hate crimes will be exposed and on every major media news outlet soon.While your “proof” of anonymous is given to local police? Rofl. Also we’re well aware of Scientology gathering our names and have been from the start. Using multiple fake names can have it’s uses.

  15. Anonymous on

    LOL at Tommy’s wife being “raped”. She whored herself out left and right. She has no credibility.

  16. Anonymous on

    ^ Nice try Tom.

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