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“The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) U.S. poet, essayist and lecturer.

“How much do you suppose bail is? Because I’d willingly get arrested.”

Mark Bunker, Anti Scientologist, moments before getting arrested.

The above quote, as spoken by Mark Bunker himself, can be heard at 6:24 in the following video:

Mark Lowell Arrested at Gold Base from Angry Gay Pope on Vimeo.

Mark Bunker is just the latest among many professional Anti-Scientologists to intentionally get arrested. The “Anti-Scientology Racket”, as it’s known to insiders, profits tremendously from media attention. This explains why the most prominent members of the Anti-Scientology movements are failed entertainers. It certainly explains why they would relish an opportunity to hate on a religion known for its celebrity membership.

Most of the time, these haters are completely ignored by the media. This is because they don’t really have any way of substantiating any of their claims. It’s all hearsay, apostate testimony, conspiracy boilerplate, and demagogic fear mongering.

So every once in a while, whenever a “critic” is experiencing a diminished sense of self-importance, he or she will go get arrested. If you look into their histories, you’ll see that getting arrested is both career launching, and career revitalizing for every single one of these purveyors of hate.

This also explains how these “critics” have managed to paint up the Church up as “litigious.” For decades these people have been manufacturing a straw man to collectively attack, and profit off of. The term “vampire” comes to mind. Their predation has a cold and calculated quality which I find disturbing. It’s like trying to get into the minds of a group of gang-rapists—they don’t care how much harm they do, so long as they “get some”.

Mark Bunker provoked his own arrest by pointing his camera in the face of an arresting officer, and insultingly insinuating that the officer was “…in the pockets of Scientology” as another protester was being apprehended. I will not name the other one who was arrested because I don’t want to help his career.

In the case of “Anon-Orange” it was determined that he provoked an arrest by both yelling “FUCK YOU” repeatedly to security guards (this was caught on film), and also by biting the security guard making the citizen’s arrest.

Tommy Gorman attempted to provoke fights with Scientologists, both online and in the streets. He and his wife Jennifer, in a recent attempt at getting the attention of Anonymous, trashed their mobile home and attempted to blame the Church of Scientology for it. He has not been arrested, and therefore, you probably don’t know who he is.

The failed comedian and Anonymous hate group leader Donald “the Angry Gay Pope” Myers started sexually harassing parishioners, both male and female, until he was served a restraining order. His newly found Internet fame has landed him a poorly conceived website (with a donation button) and a career as a full time “Anonymous” member.

Stu Wyatt, a very violent Anti-Scientology activist and all around sleaze, cemented his place as an icon to Anti-Scientology activists everywhere by getting arrested in the midst of generating a great deal of drama when he started videotaping his verbal abuse of Scientology staff members. Although to be fair, he didn’t get himself arrested–I was behind that. It did, however, boost his popularity. I called him a sleaze because, as I documented before, Stu tried to use his e-fame to seduce a minor. I do recall feeling a little bit remorseful after placing the anonymous tip off to the local police that Stu was hoarding lots of marijuana in his flat, but his actions towards that innocent girl provided all the justification I needed.

The very disingenuous Captain Adderal stalks female parishioners and combines the resultant footage with pornographically themed video footage, posting the horrendous results on the Internet. His most famous one entitled “Scilon Lesbians: Disconnected from Love”, included the unwitting participation of female employees of the Citizens Commission for Human Right’s headquarters. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, attends Anonymous protests, and regularly visits Anonymous websites, yet, despite all of this, he maintains that he is not a member of Anonymous. The Captain hasn’t seen the inside of a prison cell yet, but I’m working on it…..

“Epic Nose Guy” was arrested after refusing to comply with the officers overseeing the protest/ hate rally he attended. He brandished a sign with the word “CULT”, even after the police told the protesters that the Church members found that epithet offensive and misleading. You can learn more about Epic Nose Guy by going to and searching the archives.

Early in her Anti-Scientology career, Tory Magoo had herself arrested at a picket. It was a defining moment for her and, as a Public Relations expert for over 20 years, she probably understood the power of negative publicity better than any of the others.

This is not an attempt at a comprehensive overview of all of the arrests, nor of all the major media events generated by the Anti-Scientology Racket, but these are some of the clearest examples of activists becoming nuisances in order to become martyrs. It’s a brilliant, albeit dishonest tactic.

But what else would you expect from a network of con-artists and wannabes?

Tom Newton



You can read the discussion about it here:

I am going to go celebrate with coffee and donuts. Brb.

Tom Newton


Jan 27, 2009


Anonymous gained world wide notoriety with their coordinated attacks on Church of Scientology owned websites. Unfortu……


According to the anti-religion hategroup known as “Anonymous”, Patricia Harney is a “PR Slut for the Church of Scientology.”

Further, they claim that she was married to a “Nigger” named Mike Harney, but that her marriage fell apart since she “…can’t tell those damn negroes from each other,” and that “…she just assumed that every time she did her husband it was a different man.”

They describe the end of her marriage as a “Life-Ruining Marital Betrayal”. They allege that “…her name was Pat Jones but she consumed Mike’s name after their marriage, also soul and career. The former was down to her being a Soul Reaver. The later occurred five years ago when she caught him cheating with a pretty young Scilon clerk and decided to get her revenge and protect her PR career at the same time.”

They conclude their libelous, racist, and totally cruel description of this innocent woman by claiming that she took revenge on her husband when she “…ratted him out to the Rehab Squad, and he remains there to this day.”

What I want to know is: what does this have to do with protesting Scientology?


Tom Newton


To anyone who has heard Anonymous’ version of their attacks against the Church of Scientology, the title of this post sounds backwards. According to Anonymous and their leadership, Scientology stalks and harasses its critics, not the other way around.


Anonymous and other anti-Scientology “critics” stalk anyone who speaks out against them, while disingenuously making claims that they are themselves being victimized. They continue to wear masks and costumes on the basis that they need to be “protected” from retaliation.

As you can see below, Anonymous are the only ones retaliating and, because of their anonymity, their victims have no way to stop the personal attacks:


1) Anonymous use “bull-baiting” to generate an angry response from a random Scientologist on the street:

2) Anonymous use their planning websites to stalk their new target:

3) Anonymous post the results of their stalking on

Read the comments below to see how Anonymous justifies this behavior. Usually, they ignore the post and attack me personally. This time, however, I expect them to blame the victim of their attack…..

Tom Newton

EDIT 1:24 PM:

Just as I predicted, Anonymous members denied the validity of all the information I provided in those links. They asked “where is the libel?” and “where is the slander and stalking?”

Here it is. I didn’t want to repeat these things but because I want to ensure that Anonymous is held accountable for their criminal mischief, I have no choice:


…is a homosexually repressed, violent,….

…Miscavige’s 3rd favorite piece of ass. …

…Jorge isn’t the first closet case scientology member….

...Jorge’s parents are both OT-8s and “active members of the Clearwater community.” They are veritable slaves to $cientology …

…Gay…a total piece of shit AIDS sucking faggot…” — “ANONYMOUS”


“You have a cute ass by the way”–Donald Myers to Scientology Security guard (at 01:20), to which fellow gay Anonymous activist “Xenu Smurf” replies “…He’s hot all over…” (Their sexually harassment continues at 04:45).

Anonymous activist Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Myers sexually harasses a male Scientology Security guard as he and “XenuSmurf” scream and yell at everyone in sight. As you will see, these “activists” can be incredibly ruthless & mean-spirited:

Tory Magoo was also in attendance, and was carrying around what appeared to be a bottle of Goldshalger . That would certainly explain a lot. The gay sexual harassment is standard fare for the “Angry Gay Pope” but the verbal abuse is not usually this intense.

Something that worries me is that, although this retraining order prevents the “Angry Gay Pope” from carrying firearms, I don’t believe it prevents him from carrying around Samurai swords:

Myers Restraining OrderUpload a Document to Scribd

Tom Newton


At no point in this video does the gentleman under attack give any indication that he is even remotely aware of the Church of Scientology. In fact, he references Jesus Christ and pulls a cross from his shirt at one point. Understandably, he was a little put off by Anonymous members with their gruesome costumes and erratic behaviors.

He condemned their use of masks stating that, so long as they told the truth, the should have no reason to fear. And for this he was called “brainwashed”.

Anonymous members then got very confrontational, called the man a coward, and failed to help anyone understand just what it was they were protesting:

My point in bringing this up is to inform you that if YOU disagree with Anonymous, YOU are a Scientologist. It’s that simple.

Tom Newton




Anonymous members routinely engage in some of the most heartless and cruel tactics imaginable when persecuting members of the Church of Scientology. Here are just a few examples:

1) Anonymous members openly mocked one Scientologist whose daughter committed suicide. They thrust video cameras into his face and asked such leading questions as “…How does it feel knowing your religion drove your daughter to kill herself!”

Anonymous members even dressed as the dead woman and flaunted the costume in front of the deceased woman’s father.

2) This video was uploaded to today. It clearly demonstrates that Anonymous doesn’t care about the truth–only about smearing the Church of Scientology. This time, they are using the death of Jett Travolta to advance their hateful agenda:

3) “Controversial Jack,” an extremely hostile member of Anonymous performed a solo “protest” in Austin, TX on September 11. He was accusing Scientologists of having killed Isaac Hayes.


4) Finally, Anti-Scientologist lawyer and ambulance chaser Ken Dander is targeting the Church with a wrongful death lawsuit, hoping to capitalize on the death of Kyle Brennan, 20, who shot himself in the head two years ago in Clearwater, Florida:

“This case is meritless,” said Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis. “It’s an attempt to draw the church into something the church has nothing to do with.”

This is not the first time Danders has attacked the Church of Scientology over someone’s dead body. His previous attack was labeled by Church leaders as “…an assault on Scientology funded by church haters” and they have accused Dandar of professional misconduct and perjury.


Tom Newton




“Anonymous”, the religion-bashing cyber-bully gang, unleashed it’s hatred against 13-year old Kenny Glenn, as a retaliation for Kenny’s cruel and abusive treatment of his own cat (Kenny abused his cat and then uploaded videos of it onto the Internet).

Anonymous then treated Kenny and all his neighbors to the Standard protocol of Ruin Life Tactics”, their version of “Justice”:

“It has been estimated that at least $500-600 USD worth of pizza, boxes, blind people sticks, Bibles and Korans have been ordered to Kenny Glenn’s and his neighbors’ homes. Standard protocol of Ruin Life Tactics have been followed in the masses and somewhere in the region of 50-60 posts on /b/ have claimed to have taken part in ordering several items from this site including buses, taxis and even a funeral hearse. “


NOTE: Before you take this as an example of how “good” Anonymous can be, remember this: Anonymous administered the same “Justice” to McKay Hatch, who started the “No Cussing Club”

But just to clarify: Anonymous didn’t administer justice; they only administered revenge. There is a difference.

Justice was administered by the sheriff of Lawton, the town in which the events took place, who issued an official statement:

“The horrifying day may be over for the cat, but it is just getting started for its abusers. We’ll put it together and take it to the D.A. It will be up to the D.A. whether or not he files charges or not. Our job is to put the investigation together as a case and take it to the D.A. and that’s what we’ll do”. — Sheriff Stradley,

If anything, Anonymous was just happy to have a socially acceptable scapegoat to unleash their pooled hatred into. Now, here is your chance to witness something interesting: Anonymous members are going to flood the comments here, defending their actions against the animal abuser. They will defend their actions as though ganging up on a thirteen year old boy was a bold and heroic thing to do.

Personally, I don’t think Anonymous should have the license to dish out revenge in this manner. They are far too hypocritical. One week, they are sending hookers and gay pornography to the home of Hatch McKay to punish him for his positive social message and then the next week, they go after some kid they know nothing about. They lack the discrimination and the sense of social responsibility to be allowed to enforce justice on anyone.

And since when is anonymously organized criminal mischief a part of the legal process?

Personally, I think we should have the whole clan investigated and put into public databases as “known vigilantes” and potential “enemy combatants”.

Tom Newton




Did_“Anonymous” go to far this time? As you watch this video, ask yourself:

“How would I react if I were outnumbered five to one by a group of strangers in creepy plastic masks, who started following me and videotaping my every move?”

If that was me, I would have made certain that the video footage taken of me without permission was erased. Immediately.

Tom Newton




Aside from flattering the egos of Professional Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoo (see below) and other “Old Guard” Anti-Scientologists, Anonymous has not really accomplished anything with their hate–based band wagon.

Their original issues have been so clouded up by sensationalistic conspiracy theory and unreliable apostate testimony that it’s nearly impossible for the public to even relate to Anonymous.

Their attempts to take their Internet gossip to the streets is often met with hostility and resentment. People are increasingly put off by the masked protesters with their invasive use of video cameras and offensive “bull-baiting” comments:

The following incident is detailed in a previous post, and is one of the clearest examples of how Anonymous members trigger angry reactions with their leering video-cameras and creepy masks:

There are hundreds of such incidents as these, in which Anonymous provokes and videotapes heated responses in order to convince the public that they actually have a reason to protest (they don’t). They are manufacturing an enemy because there really isn’t one.

Tom Newton