Anti-Scientology Activist Tory Magoo was voted off of several major Anonymous planning websites for her “…batshit crazy, egocentric and OSA-like” qualities:

“Vote: Unban Magoo – Serious Thread from Why We Protest | Activism Forum by Anon-007


She sometimes comes across as batshit crazy, egocentric and OSA-like (and she does have her negative points too) but I think we would all gain something from her sensible involvement in the forums (together with an occasional troll or two)

So, ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of our cause I propose that we unban Tory and invite her back (this obviously on the proviso that she cuts back on the egowhoring a little)

As a side note, nature abhors a vacuum. Most of our own ‘home grown’ egofaggotry (qv Anal Orange) only started after Tory was banned from here. So if Tory returns, then balance will been complete and AO will sink into the background!

Obvious caveats for Tory to be allowed back:

1. Less batshit craziness
2. Less ego faggotry and whoring
3. Shorter ‘one to one’ videos (those ones where she stares into the camera lens and rambles offabout something)
4. The ceremonial burning (on video) of those f*cking “anonymous toy animals” she puts into every video
5. She has a style makeover and modernizes her hair
6. Someone helps teach her what good music actually is

Please vote and add any caveats I’ve missed below.”

The consensus was “Don’t Feed The Troll”, and the thread was subsequently deleted.

Tom Newton


15 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Tom, i was checking every day for a new post and you come out wuth this.I am disappointed 😦p.s. if you was intelligent you would realise she is not banned at all on WWP.

  2. Anonymous on

    <>p.s. if you was intelligent you would realise she is not banned at all on WWP.<>It doesn’t matter, to Tom reality is nothing more than a minor inconvinience. He’s like a tabloid, more interested in whipping up a controversy than in actually finding out the truth.

  3. Thomas Newton on

    <>^Your whole campaign is based upon senseless drama generating techniques. Just look at Anon-Orange.Tom<>

  4. Anonymous on

    Who says we even like Anon Orange? You stalk WWP like a desperate child molester and these three boring, old posts are all that you can come up with?tsk tsk.. You fail to deliver, Tom.

  5. Anonymous on

    She’s not even banned. We all know it and she knows it. That poll was a joke poll which is why people said “don’t feed the troll”

  6. Thomas Newton on

    <>^ You in particular seem a little miffed about this. Were you initiated into the Cult of Magoo as well?<>

  7. Anonymous on

    Nah. Like I said, it was a troll that started up the poll knowing that she wasnt even banned in the first place. 😛 lrn2comprehend, Tom.

  8. Thomas Newton on

    ^<>Nice cover story Tory.They know you are nothing but a parasite.<>

  9. Anonymous on

    lulz. Now you think all of us are Tory? You’re losing it man. This obession is taking claim on your mind.

  10. Anonymous on

    ^That implies there was some degree of sanity to begin with. Toms sociopathic tendencies have been evident from day 1.

  11. Anonymous on

    He’s just butthurt because he cant be anonymous. I mean, look at this blog? You see many images and words worthy of anonymous but yet.. they just fail.Take for example “Pedophile bear”…I mean, he’s trying to be anonymous and trying to hide it. Its just too obvious.He can deny the fact that he has all these images and videos up here to prove we’re a hategroup, but in the end all he’s trying to convince is himself.Truly a sad, sad man if I ever saw one.

  12. Paul Delaney on

    i actually agree with most of what Tom says. Just not into his cyber-stalking and name dropping.

  13. Anonymous on

    No one cares what you think, Paul. GTFO my internets and go back to youtube!

  14. Tom Newton on

    I actually agree with most of what Paul Delaney says.I actually want to fuck him.

  15. Anonymous on

    Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic), Tehbigtoaster, and ebaumsworld are the haters behind the attacks on your churches staff and members.Cody Delano (Bodyxpolitic aka Advocate for Painful Death) is the leader of Anonymous and is the one who made the bomb threats and also participated in the attacks that shut down the church of scientology website and caused as much as $7000 in damage. Cody Delano is the person who wrote the “TOM IM GOING TO COME OVER TO YOUR HOUSE AND SHIT ON YOUR LAWN AND THEN RUB FECES ALL OVER YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS AND MAKE LOVE TO YOUR FLOWERS BITCH, EXPECT ME”Tehbigtoaster is the person who wrote the “IF YOU F***KING DELETE THIS COMMENT ONE MORE F***ING TIME I WILL SPAM YOUR F***ING BLOG TO OBLIVION B**CH, DONT F***ING TEST ME TOM” commentits time to send them all Cease and Desist letters. or better yet, arrest them

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