“A police officer cannot be both a Scientologist and a law enforcement officer!”–Graham Berry

(Graham Berry, warning Anonymous that “SCIENTOLOGY KILLS!”)

Graham Berry, Anonymous’ lawyer, is a rabid anti-Scientology extremist. The “SCIENTOLOGY KILLS!” t-shirt alone qualifies this man as a either a paranoid or a fear monger. After examining the following video, in which Berry directly addresses Anonymous, I believe him to be the latter:

“…the police here are the most belligerent and obnoxious I have encountered in 10 years of picketing.”

“…The police are clearly in the pocket of the Scientologists. I will be urging All of Anonymous around the world to write and email..Chief Bratton.”

“…we know that the Los Angeles Police Department has been infiltrated by Scientology.”

“we know that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office has been infiltrated by Scientology.”

“…we know that the city council was corrupted…”

“..we know that the judiciary has been corrupted by Scientology, and those judges have been identified.”

“…we also know..the city attorneys office has been compromised..”

“…Scientology has several of its top Scientology lawyers placed inside the city attorney’s office.”

“…demand a public investigation..into law enforcement, judiciary,and the administration in Los Angeles…Scientology has clearly infiltrated….”

“…Mr. Hubbard commands all Scientologists to take over heads of government, heads of
media, heads of industry…”

Someone should call the L.A.P.D. and them them know that they have been infiltrated by Scientologists. They should also be informed that this information should be kept quiet because the Scientologists have also infiltrated the government and the media. I would do it, but I’m afraid that the Scientologists have already infiltrated my email account and have tapped my cellular phone–and since they are said to “KILL”, I am afraid I’ll have to keep my mouth shut.

Thankfully, we have great heroes like Graham Berry, who have the courage to stand up to the Vast Scientology Conspiracy despite the threat of imminent death. I can only imagine what it must be like to stand up on that street corner, day after day, warning the public about the coming Scientology New World Order. I only pray it’s not too late….

Tom Newton


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  1. Anonymous on


  2. Anonymous on

    scientology works, and it helps people, and you know it, thats why you are here.

  3. Anonymous on

    Operation Snow White/thread

  4. Anonymous on

    <>What I have uncovered is nothing less than a conspiracy. The “Old Guard” anti-Scientology activists specifically planned to defame Scientology by provoking events like the one which resulted in the arrest of “Anon-Orange”. <>Tom Newton.

  5. Anonymous on

    Congratulations Tom, yet again you’ve succeeded in making the News of the World look accurate, fair and impartial by comparison.

  6. Anonymous on

    Excellent, Tom. I laughed hard… You nailed it right there…

  7. moosaysthe lulzcow on

    Graham E. BerryGraham E. Berry is an unemployed attorney. He stated under oath, in a court of law, that his psychiatric problems, alcohol dependency and treatment prevent him from practicing law.A California State Court has declared Berry to be a vexatious litigant because he has filed so many frivolous and harassing lawsuits.Berry has been ordered to pay approximately $100,000 in sanctions and attorneys’ fees to Scientologists as a direct result of the frivolous lawsuits he has filed.Berry lost a copyright case for infringement of a work by L. Ron Hubbard. His client, Keith Henson, lost a jury verdict for what is believed to be the largest award in US history for infringement of a single work, and then conveniently filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying this judgment.

  8. Anonymous on

    ^Uh oh Tom, you’ve been caught out by your old nemesis the poster hash. Next time you samefag it might be a good idea to use a different computer at a different IP address.

  9. Anonymous on

    I cant find that dox that failcows said anywhere on the webz.Also, its because GRaham Berry is gay that you’re attacking him, isn’t it Tom?We all know you’re a gay basher. You’ve attacked so many gay anonymous members without reason on your blogs and now you’re attacking Graham Berry?I hope you get AIDS!

  10. tn on

    “We all know you’re a gay basher. You’ve attacked so many gay anonymous members without reason on your blogs and now you’re attacking Graham Berry?”<>I didn’t know that, but thanks for the information.See title.<>

  11. Anonymous on

    tom newton likes niggercock

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