PAUL FETCH, self described “Leader of Anonymous” (below, to the right of Tory Magoo and Mark Bunker), will soon be hosting a reality television show based in “L.A.” or “Lower Alabama”.

“Your Reality”, hosted by Paul Fetch, debuts on Valentines Day. No mention has yet been made as to Paul’s relationship with Anonymous, although in light of the recent cyber-stalking and harrassment campaign several members launched against Paul Fetch, it’s possible that his days as “Leader of Anonymous” are long over:

I suspect that Fetch’s days of making attention getting terrorist threats on are also over. Personally, I am curious to see how far he can get with this show before his religion bashing, hate mongering past catches up with him….

Tom Newton

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7 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    <>PAUL FETCH, self described “Leader of Anonymous” <>In exactly the same way that I’m the self described supreme overlord of the world.

  2. Anonymous on

    So, does that make every American a child molester if one decides to declare themselves President? Just because a nutty person claims to be a leader that doesn’t make them one. You know this Tom but you chose to ignore it because it suits your little campaign of hate against Anonymous.

  3. Naknei on

    Tom what happened to the Marble Cake Organization that was running Anonymous?

  4. Anonymous on

    Tom, could you reduce the amount of malware on your blog? This shit takes years to load on my computer.

  5. Anonymous on

    tom newton is a pedophile

  6. Anonymous on

    paul fetch was just using anon as a fucking publicity stunt for his gay porn vids. stop fucking feeding the troll

  7. Anonymous on

    shouts out from dothanit’s a small world after all fetch

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