The similarities between the anti-Scientology activists and the anti-Freemasons are startling.

Both organizations are being smeared with the same TACTICS. Both organizations are beset with individual self-proclaimed “experts” and “former members” who gained access to “hidden levels” or “hidden teachings” which are only revealed to a a very small percentage of rich and or gullible members.

The anti-Scientologists and the anti-Freemasons are both quick to tell the public that they are merely “critics” and not “against” the respective organization. These “critics” invariably end up hawking books, audio and video tapes, and CDs, in which they extol the the “truth” that you can get from them.

The critics insist that one should “investigate both sides” before making up one’s mind about joining said organization. That sounds very objective and reasonable. Why shouldn’t one investigate “both sides”? Well, for one, because there are not “two sides”, except in the minds of the “critics” and their customers. This is one of the primary logical fallacies used by “critics” because it enables them to attach themselves to their target.

The relationship of these “critics” to the organizations they oppose are parasitical at best.

They want the general public to believe that their side is somehow comparable, and that they represent “the other side of the story”. This is just one aspect of how these parasites mislead the public.

The “critics” of Scientology and “critics” of Freemasonry both tell a similar story about the alleged secret levels of teachings which are only revealed to members at the very top. I guess it doesn’t matter that these “secret teachings” are both contradictory to what the general membership believe about their organizations or that they are philosophically incompatible with those beliefs. Allegedly, these teachings are only made available after a person has paid thousands and thousands of dollars in “fixed donations.”

The myth of “XENU” and the myth of “BAPHOMET” are both effective weapons in these smear campaigns because neither group of critics have anything to do with spreading the truth, but have everything to do with emotion based appeals, fear, paranoia, and the systematic demonization of their targets.

The critics of Scientology maintain that the Scientologists at the “top levels” of the organization spend vast sums of money to find out that Scientology believes in a great evil space alien named “Xenu”. Demonization is a subtle, subconscious, archetype perception of a targeted group as evil and almost supernaturally powerful. Thus, the used of “Devils” and “Aliens”, which are basically the same thing in this case:

The critics of Freemasonry maintain that members at the “top levels” of their organization spend vast sums of money to find out that Freemasons believe in a great evil goat headed deity named “Baphomet”:

Both cases are notoriously impossible to confirm or deny, which makes it easy for the critics to convince their followers that it is the truth. Both anti-Scientologists and anti-Freemasons provide quotes taken out of context, unverifiable documents, and testimony from “former members” who claim that it is dangerous to speak out against the respective organization. The only thing either sets of critics cannot provide are actual Scientologists or actual Freemasons who actually believe in Devils and Aliens.

This testimony by “former members” is generally considered reliable by those who are already biased against the organization in question. This makes it easy for “experts” to sell books which provide first hand accounts from an “insider” perspective.

Many anti-Freemasons claim that writings against Freemasons or Masonry cannot be published by ‘legitimate’ publishers because they’re all “Masonically-controlled. Anti-Scientologists are making similar claims.

These claims are being made about Amazon.com by Anonymous right now, as they attempt to prove that anti-Scientology books are being “banned” or censored by the “Scientology controlled” publisher. This same illogic is applied to Youtube.com, which is “in the pocket of Scientology” as many anti-Scientologists will readily attest.

Whether the “Xenu” myth will be exposed for what it is is irrelevant. The hoax which “exposed” the Freemasons was debunked a long time ago, yet the belief still persists thanks to the tireless efforts of “critics” who have agendas beyond telling the “truth”.

Tom Newton


Tory Magoo, Professional Anti-Scientology Activist:

Alex Jones, Anti-Freemason Activist:


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  1. Anonymous on

    Tom, you are a dumb faggot. Xenu has been proved fact you utter moron. YOU CAN HEAR IT IN HUBBARDS OWN VOICE. You are sad and pathetic and should die.

  2. Thomas Newton on

    <>Hello Simpleton.LRH dictated thousands of books, which were then transcribed. As a prolific science fiction writer, he left behind a literal gold mine of materials for quote miners, such as yourself, to draw from.The Xenu story is a mis-contextualized piece of Sci-Fi. <>Tom

  3. Thomas Newton on

    ^And<>Keith Henson didn’t post the story of Xenu in the copyright case that he lost to the Church of Scientology<>

  4. Anonymous on

    tom you’re such a fucking retard, stop posting, even better, die allready

  5. Thomas Newton on

    <>^Attacking the attacker, is that it?I’m merely an impartial blogger. A messenger. Nothing more.I know how much it would help your cause if I did die–if someone “slit my throat and ripped out my eyeballs” as one Anon suggested, but short of that, you’ll just have to call a wahhhhmmbulance because I am not stopping until the hate group Anonymous and the rest of the Anti-Scientology liars are recognized by the rest of society for who what they are: con-artists.<>

  6. Anonymous on

    Tom, seriously do yourself a favor and listen to the link i am going to give you. Then tell me wheteher you think its him dictating a book.

  7. Thomas Newton on

    ^<>It sounds no different than the MISSION EARTH books, which were “are written as the confessions of Soltan Gris, an agent of the CIA on the planet Voltar”..He takes on characters as he dictates. The laughter in the background could have been added in later. It’s called a HOAX for a reason.<>

  8. Anonymous on

    ok, so you are telling me that you write in a book ‘this is what you know as clearing course’

  9. Anonymous on

    and also the part where he says ‘im not surprised you dropped that’ … why would you be so shocked at a recital of a book?

  10. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton is blogspot censoring bigot

  11. Thomas on

    I would ask you Tom to quit calling yourself impartial. You have a complete biased perspective on this whole thing and it’s sad that you keep scraping the bottom of the barrel for “links” that are in fact false.You need to just shut down this blog and keep your opinions to yourself.

  12. Anonymous on

    “I’m merely an impartial blogger. A messenger. Nothing more.”Nice try tom.

  13. Anonymous on

    Tom this is rediculous and you know it

  14. Anonymous on

    Devils are quite different to aliens. The whole aliens thing is quite the embarrassment for Scientology but at the same time they are forced by the tech to preserve every part of it. Suddenly when your beliefs are sounding like that of a UFO cult you get ridiculed rather easily. As South Park showed.

  15. Johnny Bravo on

    tom why are you moderating comments?

  16. Anonymous on

    <>Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author<>That’s it Tom, pick and choose your arguments. I know this won’t be published but for just one second you should think whether, if your point of view was so correct, why it is that so many people successfully refute what you say. If you’re so impartial then what’s the need for moderation? An impartial person wouldn’t take sides and therefore should automatically allow all comments, regardless of their content.

  17. Naknei on

    I am impartial as well, Scientology is rotten at its core it is beautiful on the outside but full of worms on the inside.

  18. Naknei on

    I see you have comment moderation so I am sure few of my comments to make it up because they prove the flaws in your logic and you will insure you have the final word.I do find your fear of differing options distributing but censorship of comments is legal on blogger.

  19. Anonymous on
  20. Anonymous on

    tom censors free speech by moderating comments while claiming to be an impartial blogger. you sir, are the con-artist

  21. Anonymous on

    OT3 with the Xenu story is on wikileaks in Hubbard’s own handwriting.Class VIII auditor tape contains it in Hubbard’s own voice.Not a single exscientologist, who has reached ot3, has ever said that the xenu story is not part of ot3.Several have confirmed that it is on ot3.Even some Scientologists themselves have confirmed that it is part of OT3.

  22. Anonymous on


  23. Naknei on

    Tom the Xenu story is common knowledge.Denying it only points out that you are bias or you failed to do research of Scientology before assuming Anonymous is hate group spreading lies.

  24. El Diablo on

    Tom – I read previously that you claim not to be a Scientologist. Now, I don’t know if you are or not, and it does not bother me either way – but by saying that the Xenu story is a ‘myth’ (or out of context LRH sci-fi) you tend to make people think you must have been spun a line about the Xenu-Scientology link – <>i.e. You’re a scientologist that is believing what you’re told to believe.<> Personally, I’d expect a scientologist to be a little more with the ARC, so I’m leaning towards saying you’re not. But anyhoo…See, I’m not an expert on scientology theology/philosophy, but I’ve been totally enthralled by the deluge of leaked documents. Slowly I’m building a picture up of the ‘Hubbard-verse’, and the Xenu story which totally has implications for the practice of auditing. Revealed at OT level 3 the story suggests the presence of collective past life trauma’s (entheta ???) related to Incident II (where the H-bombs blew up all them space peeps in the volcanos), and the remnants of their pain and confusion linger with us today! Prior to OT-III (where this is revealed) Scientologists are largely auditing under the assumption that they are detecting emotional disturbance generated from within, and working to ‘clear’ that. The Xenu story might seem silly, but it seems to be a pivotal point at which the “self-empowering” elements of the auditing process give way under the weight of the interpretive limitations of the Hubbard-verse. The fluctuations on the e-meter are interpreted to indicate the presence of an external force (thetan) which must be exorcised – or rather, audited out. So yes, it’s not the *whole* issue with Scientology, but it seems to be an important piece of the puzzle – so I can see why the anti-CoS people have latched onto it.Not to mention that it’s plain deceptive to deny (or rather, fail to confirm when asked about) the Xenu story, even from it’s own members, unless they have the money inclination to go OT-III. Imagine spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours going through the levels being told that the Xenu story were <>malicious lies<> made up by evil psychiatrists and religious bigots – only to then find out it’s the “truth” that lies behind the “wall of fire”. That’s pretty low, ya know? And I’m pretty sure if the CoS didn’t have religious status in the few countries it does, it’d be done for deceptive marketing practices.Anyhow, I’m not sure what your deal is, but you should really look into Scientology – what with all the primary docs on the net these days. There’s some wacky stuff in there – and plenty of cold war paranoia – it’s great!

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