At no point in this video does the gentleman under attack give any indication that he is even remotely aware of the Church of Scientology. In fact, he references Jesus Christ and pulls a cross from his shirt at one point. Understandably, he was a little put off by Anonymous members with their gruesome costumes and erratic behaviors.

He condemned their use of masks stating that, so long as they told the truth, the should have no reason to fear. And for this he was called “brainwashed”.

Anonymous members then got very confrontational, called the man a coward, and failed to help anyone understand just what it was they were protesting:

My point in bringing this up is to inform you that if YOU disagree with Anonymous, YOU are a Scientologist. It’s that simple.

Tom Newton




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  1. Anonymous on

    [citation needed]

  2. Anonymous on
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  4. Anonymous on

    ^Nice try Tom, this just shows how neutral the people that make ED are:’s not discrimination if you make fun of everyone.

  5. Thomas Newton on

    ^<>Yes, it is.Ask any sociologist. Your line of thinking is dangerous. It’s the kind of compartmentalization which allows fools like you to accept terms like “octamaroon”.Get off my Internet you ignorant puke.Tom Newton<>

  6. Anonymous on

    ^No, the danger comes when you start saying something’s above ridicule. Then you make that thing sacred, which leads to extremism.

  7. El Diablo on

    Anonymous 4:08 PM : I agree. If anything they’re actually making fun of racism itself by inflating it to such ridiculous levels that the reader cannot possibly take it at face value. I’ve mentioned it before, but either Tom is hard of understanding or is being purposefully obstinent – ED is a prime example of absurdist humour.Sociologists would NOT call it, nor your line of thinking DANGEROUS. I have no idea what this has to do with COMPARTMENTALIZATION, which I dare say was a word thrown in to ‘demonstrate’ their command over english, however awkward; while the word IGNORANT is an attempt to communicate their intellectual superiority over you.Pairing it with the word PUKE hardly speaks to the point, nor the command to “get off my internet”.*Sigh* – So, anonymous as you can see, he is trying very hard. Even going so far as to use a 7 syllable word. But unfortunately for him, his is still full of fail.

  8. El Diablo on

    Anonymous 4:19 PM: That’s a great point.

  9. Anonymous on

    ^Thank you

  10. Anonymous on

    @ El Diablo Agreed@ Tom“Get off my Internet you ignorant puke.”Is not ignoring the fact that anonymous make fun of everyone ignorant?Defence: ED is there to offend everyone, regardless of race religion class creed et cetera. It is impossible to call something that attacks all a discrimination against a minorities because as was just said it attacks all, I.E. it is indiscriminate.Attack: Tom, please, you claim we only attack but I’ve yet to see you make any substantial defence which does not resort to an an homem attack on anonymous.

  11. Anonymous on

    1: that video is over a year old2: the person is in fact a scientologist3: tom is a fucking idiot

  12. Thomas Newton on

    “Anonymous said… 1: that video is over a year old 2: the person is in fact a scientologist 3: tom is a fucking idiot“<>You forgot to add : 4: Scientologist.Since I am not in favor of Anonymous Leaderless Terrorism , I am a Scientologist, isn’t that right?<>Tom

  13. Anonymous on

    <> Leaderless Terrorism<>But I thought Mark Bunker and Paul Fetch were the leaders of Anonymous, you said they were. Or were they when it suited you and now their not because that suits you better at this point in time?

  14. Anonymous on

    No, Tom. You are a Scientologist, because you adore Hubbard.

  15. Thomas Newton on

    “Anonymous said… No, Tom. You are a Scientologist, because you adore Hubbard.”<>I don’t adore Hubbard. The only man I adore is Jesus Christ.<>

  16. Anonymous on

    Why do you adore Jesus Christ?

  17. Naknei on

    Tom didn’t you say were a Christian-Atheist and Jesus was a madman?8:04 PM8:08 PMLooks like you posted both but I will give the benefit of the doubt.

  18. El Diablo on

    lol. I bet JC is like <>“This guy DOES NOT represent me.”<>

  19. Anonymous on

    Tom Newton is Jake A. Vigilphone: 505-514-0011

  20. Anonymous on

    ^ called and talked to Lisa. she didn’t know about “Toms” online cyber-stalking activities.

  21. daniel on

    ^ jake vigil is an Anonmyos in colorado

  22. Thomas Newton on

    ^,^^, ^^^<>I’m neither Anonymous, nor a Scientologist. Why do you keep trying to insist that there aren’t any alternatives?And why are you focused on ME instead of the elderly man Anonymous assaults in the video?Tom Newton<>

  23. Anonymous on

    My name is Jacob Davis and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Photography is my passion!I began as a photographer for Wakeside, an online shop for wakeboarding. I shot product, action, and lifestyle photography for their online shop and print catalog, along with marketing campaigns for magazine ads. You can visit the sites at Wakeside and TruSnow where you may still see some lingering work of mine.Currently I am working as a QA Engineer for Oodle and photography is a hobby. I use a Nikon digital SLR along with Photoshop for post production. However, I just got a Holga, so hopefully I’ll be displaying some experiments with it on this site.I hope you enjoy my photoblog! If you have any questions about the photos you see, the website, or would just like to send me an email please feel free to do so. You can contact me at

  24. Anonymous on

    Brainwashing is a myth, he?Read this“Contemporary Uses of the Brainwashing Concept: 2000 to Mid-2007.” Cultic Studies Review 7 No. 2 (2008): 99-128.

  25. Anonymous on

    The reason we focus on you being a scientologist Tom, is because your actions REEK of a scientologist.I’ve talked to many people irl who disagree with the actions of anonymous and whothink scientologists should be left alone and trust me, there is a HUGE difference between an out sider who disagrees and you.The way you only look at anonymoses bad side and not look at the cons of Scientology in any way, you are not an impartial blogger, you are likeone of those creationist “scientists” who comes up with a conclusion before looking at whatever small piece of evidence they have to support their claims. BTW I am a christian so don’t now tell me off for attacking christianity.Also the reason we have stoped talking about the old guy is that I believe this comment section has answered it fully, and that you have not given a sufficient answer.

  26. Anonymous on

    lol @ the spam bot the guy is probably being harassed by Tom right now.Lol spammer had it coming.

  27. Anonymous on

    How can the protestors have assaulted the man when he came up to them and started shouting about masks and faith?

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