KESQ on Anonymous’ "War Against Scientologists"

Here is part one of Palm Springs station KESQ’s coverage Anonymous’ “War on Scientology”:

Tom Newton


Feb 7, 2009



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  1. ARCwins on

    Tom,Did you noticed that the video was heavily edited? They missed the best parts were XenuBarb is making fun of the “attacks” and brags about biting a Scientologist. Have contacted the station and provided some videos Anonymous does not want the press to see. Let’s see how the next installment of their cover story will depict Anonymous tonight.

  2. Thomas Newton on

    <>I noticed the editing. Xenu-Barb is one vicious extremist. I’ve also spoken to them about the many individual Scientologists who have been singled out for cyber-stalking. Tom<>

  3. Anonymous on

    ^Lol at samefag. Double lol at demonisation.

  4. Anonymous on

    <><>Tom, you really should take a look at this site. This is true impartial reporting. No annotation, just citation. It’s the exact opposite of your fabrication, misquoting and hate filled blog.

  5. Anonymous on

    Please be advised: Members of the hate group Anonymous are known to frequent this blog. Do not leave any personally identifying information in your post.^lol, only anonymous visit this blog Tom

  6. Anonymous on


  7. Anonymous on

    “Have contacted the station and provided some videos Anonymous does not want the press to see.”This one?


  8. El Diablo on

    Hmmmm, it seems as if the previous post has “mysteriously disappeared”.<>Wow, look at the time! Is it 1984 already?<>

  9. Thomas Newton on

    “Hmmmm, it seems as if the previous post has “mysteriously disappeared”.”<>We’re expecting company this evening, El Diablo. Death threats from anonymous sources don’t add a whole heck of a lot to the discussion.Your Friend, Tom<>

  10. El Diablo on

    Just for anyone wondering…that picture of the guy apparently smoking a “marijuana joint” (redundant?), was not photoshopped. It comes from here: < HREF="" REL="nofollow">NovaNewsNet: ‘Anonymous’ protesters show up outside local Church of Scientology<>From the article – which makes no suggestion that there is anything untoward about the image – I think it’s safe to assume he is smoking an ordinary cigarette.Also, the matter of the so-called < HREF="" REL="nofollow">e-faxed death threat<>, was well canvased in the 21 comments the post generated. Considering the bias of the author, and the image itself (which appears to be a direct digital conversion of a MSPaint bmp to png) I’m leaning towards the opinion it was manufactured.My current best theory is that the author not only failed to successfully defend his extreme stance, but he may have realized how dangerously close he was – if not already – to violating blogspot’s terms of use, and wished to hastily backpedal, lest someone alert the powers-that-be to this blatantly defamatory tripe and his blog is deleted.But you know…this is just my theory.

  11. Thomas Newton on

    <>Did YOU send me the threat in an attempt to discredit me?<>

  12. Anonymous on

    ^Come on Tom, that threat was no more sent to you than the box with the word ‘bomb’ written on the side of it was sent to that org.

  13. Anonymous on

    You won’t be on KESQ tonight Tom. Maybe they interviewed you, but that doesn’t mean that they will include the interview in their segment.

  14. El Diablo on

    Oh, don’t mind Tom. He’s just practicing his best impression of an argumentative Scientologist stereotype.<>‘Always attack, never defend’<>, and all that…Which – if he’s trying to not look like one – is the ultimate display of failbot technology.…or alternatively, a thought provoking piece of performance art exploring moral panic in the virtual realm. But, I’m not liking the odds on that one.

  15. Anonymous on

    <>…or alternatively, a thought provoking piece of performance art exploring moral panic in the virtual realm. But, I’m not liking the odds on that one.<>I wouldn’t like to bet in favour this. Normally those people use correct grammar.

  16. Anonymous on

    Seems like Tom deleted more than just the post about the (fake?) death threat.

  17. Anonymous on

    ^He probably remembered that it was fake death threats like that that lost him his last blog.

  18. El Diablo on

    ^ Oh, I did not know this. As LRH would say <>now, this is interesting<>. 😉

  19. Anonymous on

    lol. What’s next? More accusations of rock throwing? More lies about SoCal Anons? Maybe a new target will be picked to “expose”?Stay tuned. Same Batshit insane channel, Same Batshit insane time!

  20. Anonymous on

    In This Blog:Misinformation.Delusions.Quote Mining to fit personal agenda.Doxing (Dropping of someone’s personal info, usually intimidate and harass).Half Truths.Attacks based on a personal vendetta against a group.Bigotry.Opinions based on a preconceived notion of persons.Libel.Slander.Defamation of Character.Personal Attacks.Spam.Fear.Violations of Godwin’s LawAnd all of these describe the blogger Tom Newton

  21. Anonymous on

    Thank you Tom Newton for informing me that members of Anonymous are known to frequent this blog.I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them, and if I spot any posts by them, I’ll be sure to contact them promptly for the correct information!

  22. Anonymous on

    I am not leaving any personal information not because I fear Anonymous but because I fear Scientology. The way Scientology security guards take down critics in this video does not put a positive spin on Scientology. It makes you look like Nazis. That’s not surprising though seeing how much David Miscavige looks like that Nazi guy that was on the Tyra Banks show.

  23. Thomas Newton on

    <>I call BS on that ^ guy.Anon-Orange provoked the attack on himself:< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>Lurk Moar.Tom<>

  24. Anonymous on

    ^The Scientology guards provoked him, because they set off a flare behind his car.

  25. Thomas Newton on

    “Anonymous said… ^The Scientology guards provoked him, because they set off a flare behind his car.“<>No, both Anon Orange and Xenu-Barbed were deliberately instigating an event to bring more media attention to the very lucrative Anti-Scientology Racket.<>

  26. Anonymous on

    No, the guards set off a flare behind AnonOrange’s car amd that provoked him into following the guards to inquire them why they were “messing with his car”.Here are pics, which prove it:

  27. Thomas Newton on

    ^<>Clearly, Anon-Orange’s ABANDONED vehicle is blocking the dirt road. What is it with you liberal fascists, that every time someone in uniform does their job, you have to attack?Tom<>

  28. Thomas Newton on

    ^<>He’s lucky they didn’t tow the damn thing. If it was me, I would have tazored Anon-Orange, Xenu-Barb, AND the vehicle.Tom<>

  29. Anonymous on

    ^Nice to see your absolute impartiality there…However there is a flaw in your logic; if your opinion was correct it still does not change the fact that the event was provocative, ergo whether or not your opinion on this matter of the flare is correct you still admit that there was an event which was caused by the guards to provoke anon orange

  30. Anonymous on

    also as you can see in the 3rd and 4th pic that that person posted, the road was not being blocked

  31. Anonymous on

    “Clearly, Anon-Orange’s ABANDONED vehicle is blocking the dirt road.”If that had been the case, then the guards or the police would have told AnonOrange so, but they haven’t.I don’t see that it is blocking the road. There is still more than enough space. If anything then vehicle of the guards behind it is blocking the road.

  32. Thomas Newton on

    <>Read this, hate monger:<>:Victim blaming is holding the victims of a crime, an accident, or any type of abusive maltreatment to be entirely or partially responsible for the unfortunate incident that has occurred in their life, often when the victim had performed no actions to facilitate the incident. It is also about blaming individuals for their personal distress or for social difficulties, rather than the other parties involved or the overarching social system in place.

  33. Anonymous on

    So you want to tell me that the security guard was a victim of AnonOrange, just because he said “No, F*ck you” to him?

  34. El Diablo on

    “liberal fascists”LMFAOThat doesn’t even make sense. 😛

  35. Anonymous on

    Why did you use a random image from one of the Sydney protests from last year, Tom?

  36. Thomas Newton on

    <>To demonstrate how Anonymous members use the word H A T E so readily.<>

  37. El Diablo on

    ^ Lol. And “Tom” doesn’t, of course!

  38. Anonymous on

    What’s so wrong with a person using the word hate to describe an emotional response to a filthy money grubbing cult, Tom?

  39. Anonymous on

    I hate cabbage & movies with Patrick Swayze; does that make me a domestic terrorist, Tom?

  40. Anonymous on

    Getting back to that photo from one of our Sydney protests from last year; I remember that day. I enjoyed enturbulating the young “drug free ambassadors” that were handing out the CoS version of the “Who are Anonymous” pamphlets.Chased them all the way back into Greek St in fact. Their handler didn’t handle a confront very well at all. Have you ever been to ANZO, Tom?

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