One of the difficulties inherent in documenting the hate crimes of Anonymous is their elusive nature. As a leaderless terrorist organization, they are experts at dodging responsibility. This lack of accountability is behind the increases we are seeing in the overall aggressiveness of the group’s actions, both online and in the streets.

So I have this idea. I am going isolate those Anonymous members who have renounced their anonymity for the sake of e-fame and hold them accountable for explaining the actions of the group.

To begin, I am going to ask Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Myers to give me his opinion about an article contained on one of Anonymous’ attack sites, http://www.EncylopediaDramatica.com. The Angry Gay Pope has his own article on that website so I know that he can’t claim to not know what I am talking about, as most anonymous Anonymous members do. Here is the email I am sending to the AGP (melvinstinkleberry@gmail.com) :

Hello Donald,

I would like your opinion on something I found on one of Anonymous’ attack sites. Please tell me if the following article is SATIRE, as the site’s contributors maintain, or if it’s HATE SPEECH:

“AIDS is God’s way of saying “Fuck You”. It stands for Anally-Inflicted Death Sentence and “S.I.D.A.” in French, meaning “Sauvagement Introduit Dans l’Anus” (Savagely introduced into the anus). AIDS is the politically correct term for GRIDS, Gay Cancer and The Ebonic Plague and is proof that God hates fags and niggers because all niggers have AIDS.”
—- Source: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/AIDS

Also, I would like to know what you think about this prank, also from the same article:

“Go up to a person with AIDS and say I’ve got a hilarious joke for you! What is the cure for AIDS?. They will most likely respond with THERE’S A CURE FOR AIDS?!?!. You then respond: jk lol. You’re totally fucked.”

—- Source: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/AIDS

As a prominent member of Anonymous, your opinion is important.

Thanks for your time.

Your Friend,

Tom Newton

You can learn more about the Angry Gay Pope at his website, www.AngryGayPope.com.

Tom Newton


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