Anonymous members frequently cite “Fair Game” as the reason for wearing those ridiculous masks. This term refers to the Church of Scientology’s alleged tactics for handling their critics. However, despite what the critics of the Church profess to believe about “Fair Game,” it never actually happens. Without exception, all instances of the Church’s supposedly litigious nature can in fact be demonstrated to have been provoked by the very radical extremists themselves.

Being sued by the Church is a badge of honor among these hateful and deceitful activists. In fact, there is NOTHING the Church is reputed to do to their critics which Anonymous hasn’t already done to many random and not so random individuals (Do a Google search of Hatch Mckay and Anonymous and see what turns up).

Anonymous is a hypocritical hate group. Members do exactly the types of things they claim the Church does. This is a demonstrable fact, as all non-Anonymous readers of this blog can attest. The true reason they hide behind their masks is because they don’t want to be connected to hate crimes, cyber-bullying, and child porn.

Here’s a recent thread at one of their sites where members are discussing the fact that “Fair Game” doesn’t ever really happen:


Another salient fact: thousands of Anonymous members live in places where masked protests are not permitted. Combine this with the dozens of anti-Scientology authors, prominent critics, and various un-anonymous Internet activists, such as Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Mires and, to any thinking person anyway, there is no reason to believe that there is any danger whatsoever in being a religious bigot with a gripe against Scientology. That is, if one is committed to legal and ethical behavior.

Tom Newton


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