The same Internet mob that satirizes child-abuse, stereotypes African Americans, and uses cyber-bullying to drive confused and desperate teenagers into committing suicide are now defending psychiatry from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights:

These tools actually believe that they are in danger for doing this. They are afraid of “Scientology goons” of all things. Read their explanation for their silly costumes, and then refer back to my previous post:

“We wear masks to protect our identities from Scientology goons. Due to Scientology’s Fair Game policy, we put ourselves at risk socially, politically, and financially when we speak out against this dangerous cult. This is a cult that has a well earned reputation for harassing critics and openly critical ex-Scientologists at their homes and workplaces. Taking measures to protect your privacy and anonymity when confronted by an aggressively litigious cult – a cult whose mantra is “Never Defend, Always Attack!” – is a matter of common sense.”

These well intentioned dupes are either paranoid, ignorant, or simply enjoy feeling like they are heros in an action movie such as The Matrix or V for Vendetta. They would actually be kind of cute if they weren’t so vile.

Tom Newton


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