In order to defend his minions from the scourge of objective public opinion, Mark is supplying his masked haters with the contact information for the faculty at the college where the CCHR has a display, so they can take appropriate damage control measures.

(Caught in another LIE. Mark Bunker claims to oppose the Church’s leadership and not the religion. )

This is typical. As one of the major opinion leaders to the hate group, his advice is carefully adhered to. However, in order to avoid criminal charges for aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist organization, he’s careful to distance himself just enough to avoid personal responsibility.

It goes like this: Anonymous wears a comical plastic mask and Mark Bunker hides behind a wall of lies; and Voila! Personal accountability becomes a non-issue.

It works out great for everyone involved. Mark’s initial address to Anonymous (see below) is what caused them to abandon their attacks against Church websites in favor of the legal methods of protesting which he and many others have been doing for decades. His influence is widely known and accepted by those who don’t have a vested interest in disguising it.

Tom Newton

A very hateful Mark Bunker:


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