A Letter to Tom Newton

“Hello, you don’t know me but i am the artist that photoshoped the picture of lydia fultz (the third one you posted.)

that picture is a copy writed piece of artwork. you have reproduced it here without permission or monetary compensation to the artist.

you have two choices here.

you can pay me the $2000 value i have now placed on the piece of art (and the right to use said material freely)

or you can remove it. also the address you listed as belonging to lydia fultz is MINE. not hers. i subleased her apartment MONTHS AGO. if you do not remove my address from this page immediately i will be forced to

1) take it up with blogger, and

2) see what legal recourse i have in this matter as well. “

Dear Anonymous Photoshop Amateur,

You shouldn’t have leased your image to an anti-religion extremist who is persecuting members of the Church of Scientology, ostensibly for doing exactly what you are doing to me: threatening to hit people over the head with copyright laws. The way I see it, YOU have two choices:

1) You can send me a cease and desist letter, from your attorney, explaining why you think I should take the image down.

2) You can ask your friend Lydia Fultz to delete the thread she started at the Anonymous planning site where she posted the personal details of several innocent Scientologists, knowingly exposing them to the cyber-bully tactics of the hate group.

I would suggest you go with #2. When I receive cease and desist letters, I generally print them out, wipe my dog’s ass with them, and then copyright the results as original works of art. If things went that far, I would likely turn things around and sue you for retaining illegal copies of my artwork.

Trust me. It’s easier to just do the right thing.

Tom Newton


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