Anonymous members can be real tough when theyre banded together and disguised as superheros….

…but take away that security, and they fall apart like typical bullies. I have been called names, reported to the FBI, threatened with violence, and maligned so vehemently you would think that I was some kind of terrorist. All of this by a cyber-bully network known for driving the mentally unstable to suicide, sending seizure inducing animated graphics to epilepsy patients, ordering gay porn for teenagers, sexually harassing clergy via telephone, sending bomb threats, coordinating racist hate attacks against hip hop websites, fetishizing pedophile cultural icons, and generally bullying their perceived enemies into submission.

I hope they really do send the FBI. I’ll turn this whole thing around and bury the whole “Anonymous” collective in it’s own filth. All it will take is five minutes. The truth is, Anonymous will never be accepted by mainstream society as anything other than what it is: an angsty, Left-tarded, ignorant Internet mob that equates free speech activism with shouting profanities and gawking at simulated child porn. I’d be happy to make law enforcement more familiar with my perspective on the hate group.

So go ahead, Anonymous. Send the police! I’m sure they’ll really care about the plight of a few butt-hurt self-described vigilantes…

Tom Newton


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