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Why Don’t Anonymous Members Protest Other Religions?

According to Patrick Condell, an English stand-up comedian, writer, and internet personality:

“Even Scientology looks good next to the Wahabi doctrine, a twisted, malignant mutation of Islam which is as vile and inhuman an ideology as Nazism.” (1:50)

Anonymous claim to be protesting the Church of Scientology for its alleged human rights abuses. If this is true, and they really do care about human rights abuses carried out in the name of religion, then why are they so focused on the one religion which has never waged a war, persecuted homosexuals, or executed non-believers?

I will tell you why. Because Anonymous is the public relations front for the Anti-Scientology Racketeers. The rank and file members have been duped into taking action against the Church based solely upon a large body of anti-Scientology propaganda. Of course they would never admit to being so gullible as to fall into a hate-based bandwagon and not even know it. Never mind that every group action they take (which they call “raids”) are nothing more than short-term bandwagons.

(Anonymous members dressed up as action heroes from a POPULAR and TRENDY action movie. This in itself demonstrates their innate susceptibility to well managed propaganda/marketing tactics…)

The cyber-bully network known as “Anonymous” is perpetuating a fraud. Their high-minded ideals are just a cover for what they are really doing: having fun. Their protests have more to do with having fun as a subculture than with ending any supposed human rights abuses.

Anonymous’ peculiar brand of “activism” is nothing more serious than costumed Star Trek fans attending a convention or camping out in front of a movie theatre. The only difference is, Star Trek fans can differentiate between fact and fiction.

Tom Newton



Unless one is undeterred by the threat of cyber-bullies and cyber-stalkers, then it is not a good time to be a publicly known Scientologist in London. One extremist is compiling data on known Scientologists for the express purpose of painting a target on their backs.

The following cyber hit list was compiled by several London based Anti-Scientologists:

Http Source: Http

Anonymous members want to know as much as they can about individual Scientologists, no matter how trivial:

Posted by stc View Post


Here is a partial list of known Scientology members in the UK –

Do you remember anything at all about these individuals? Even something really trivial, like what their favourite TV programme (really!).
Reason – lots of little scraps of information all add up
The site is getting very high traffic, media enquiries and lots of complaints and threats to sue us into oblivion.
I can leak info and protect your identity. email :

As a current target of Anonymous’ harassment, I can attest to the fact that they to intend to harm the reputations of Scientogists and those who aren’t against Scientology. There is no middle ground in this war. All Scientologists are considered “Fair Game” and any actions taken against them by extremists are applauded by the hate based band wagon known as Anonymous.

Tom Newton


Thanks to the Anonymous “free speech activists,” was suspended today.

Anytime viewpoints which go counter to Anonymous’ anti-Scientology rhetoric are voiced, the cyber-bullies immediately go into “damage control mode.” Not only do they try to drown out any dissenting voices with their own pool of prefabricated responses, they often engage in mass flagging campaigns, thereby eliminating Youtube accounts, blogs, and now Twitter accounts.

This is not a new activity. If you recall, Anonymous began it’s “WAR ON SCIENTOLOGISTS” with denial of services attacks against Church websites. This was right before they began their persecution and harassment of individual members. They are not about free speech except as a justification for child pornography, violent imagery, and racist propaganda. What they are really about is uniformity, conformity, and fascism with a smile.

Tom Newton


Anonymous is attending “lolicon” on May 23rd in London. Lolicon is a PEDOPHILE CONVENTION:

A Brief Introduction to Anonymous’ Pedophile-Culture:

Lolicon is the cartoon child porn I have been referring to in my previous postings about Anonymous’ “Pedo-Culture.” They will LIE THEIR ASSES OFF and tell you that they don’t know anything about “cartoon child porn.”

The Wikipedia article on lolicon describes it as:

“Lolicon, also romanized as rorikon, is a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase “Lolita complex”….the term describes an attraction to young girls, or an individual with such an attraction.Outside Japan, the term is less common and most often refers to a genre of manga and anime wherein young children are depicted in an erotic manner.”

Anonymous attack site is more direct:

“Lolicon (short for Lolita Complex) is name for the hentai children porn genre. The name comes from that book written by some Russian called Lolita, in which a old man gets horny over a underage girl.”

There you have it. This is what Anonymous doesn’t want you to see. And it’s not just a handful of perverts in the group. Child porn is part of the degenerate culture from which the hate group has emerged and the main reason why they chant slogans about “free speech.”

Tom Newton


Unable to handle my point of view on his own, Mark Bunker requested an Anonymous “raid” to take place in the comments section of his “WOG BLOG“. After the attack, he cleared his name and conscience by posting the following message. And again, this is after several of the cyber-bullies had already posted my personal information:


May 21, 2009 at 12:11 am

Please don’t post phone numbers. Whether it’s the real Tom or not, it’s not the right thing to do.

Yes, I know all my info has been posted online. That doesn’t mean I want revenge in any way. I’m content to just tell the truth and watch Scientology become more downstat.

He quickly deleted the comments which revealed my telephone number and home address coupled with several libelous claims about my use of pain medication (which was not public information before). While he may give the appearance of being a good guy by removing the offending comments, you must keep in mind that Mark Bunker is a paid demagogue and professional manipulator.

Those of us who understand the methods of the hate group know that deleting the information does nothing to erase the damage. Any number of individuals who follow Marks blog on their RSS Reader or via email updates now have enough information about me to do grievous harm.

This isn’t the first time Mark Bunker has taken an active leadership role in guiding the “Legion,” and it won’t likely be the last. But if he thinks he can stop me, he’s dead wrong. Even with his cyber-path friends, he can’t stop me from writing about the Anti-Scientology Racket. If they want to prank call my family, scare my kids, and taunt me IRL (in real life), then so be it. I’m not afraid to return fire…

Not only did he throw down the gauntlet with this latest action: Mark has also made it clear that he’s prepared to play dirty.

Tom Newton


Several times a month I document more examples of how Anonymous members use the website as a place to post the names and locations of known Scientologists in what may best be described as libel-fests. Black members are called “niggers,” Asians are called “half-monkeys,” and the rest are derided as “faggots” and “Scilons.”

This is the same website which contains cartoon child porn, real images of child exploitation coupled with images of rape, as well as anti-religious and racist propaganda. What I find most fascinating about the “ED” is that the masked goons continually deny any connection to the website. They mock me for merely insinuating that its libel fests are anything but “satire,” and fail to understand how I don’t “get it.”

Now that has picked up on the hate-site, Anonymous members can no longer insist that I am crazy for mentioning their connection to “ED”:

So a bunch of 4chan guys got together and wrote a Wikipedia clone. Most of you know it exists already and, yeah, it chronicles all of the Anonymous memes and raids and so on. So you look up a popular meme like “Scientology” and you get:


“Appropriately, [L Ron Hubbard] finally bit the big green burrito of death from gobbling down too much Vistaril. This was confirmed when Scientologist fagslaves tried to take his corpse to burn it, but were pwned by the Coroner, who got there first.”

5 Terrifying Bastardizations of the Wikipedia Model |

Tom Newton




“Nikki Catsouras was an 18 year old whore who proved, yet again, that women can’t drive.” — “Anonymous” Cyber-Bully/ Anti-Scientology Activist


One of the difficulties inherent in documenting the hate crimes of Anonymous is their elusive nature. As a leaderless terrorist organization, they are experts at dodging responsibility.



To anyone who has heard Anonymous’ version of their attacks against the Church of Scientology, the title of this post sounds backwards.


For those who are new to Anonymous and don’t understand what the “Pedo-Bear Mascot” videos on the left are referring to, read the following article

Racist Hategroup Ordered to “Clean Up Their Mess”

German police ordered members of the known hate-group “Anonymous” to clean up their graffiti off the site walk

Anonymous Protests Scientology’s Protest of Psychiatry Convention

Anonymous members lack any substantive, well-reasoned, fully-informed foundation for their “protests,” and have thus resorted to indecent exposure and shockingly crude messages written on disgustingly flabby body parts:


ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA SELLING "ANONYMOUS" T-SHIRTS is Anonymous’ premiere attack site. As host to many unsavory images, from gory death scenes to cartoon child porn, “ED” has something for perverts and sociopaths of all proclivities. Last week the site was in danger of shutting down, but following a successful fund raising campaign in which 394 creeps donated over $5000 to the website, “ED” remains online, providing sustenance to degenerate scum-suckers everywhere.

While Anonymous members deny having any knowledge about that site whatsoever, and while they deny that it’s used to pool together information on their cyber-stalking victims (including hundreds of Scientologists), the Encyclopedia Dramatica T-Shirt Store is now offering “Anonymous T-Shirts”:

I explained my reasons for describing it as an “Anonymous Attack Site” here:

You may read the comments below to see first hand how Anonymous does damage control in regards to their “non-relationship” with “ED.”

Tom Newton


The following “useful tip” was provided by an Anonymous cell known as the “Merchants of Chaos”:

While this hostile little missive may be disturbing, it’s nothing new. Anonymous has been playing dirty since day one.

Tom Newton


KESQ-TV’s Nathan Baca disgraced his profession and harmed the reputation of an entire religious organization for the sake of his own career. His coverage of the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology is not fair and it is not balanced. As you will see, he deliberately obfuscated one side of a story to prevent it from challenging the conclusions he had obviously reached before he even interviewed the other side.

His covert agenda was revealed during a recent interview with Church spokesperson Tommy Davis. You may watch it here. Six minutes into the interview, Tommy produced a booklet and began explaining some of the hate crimes which have been committed by Anonymous. The booklet included images, websites, and personal statements. It was a detailed account, not only of Anonymous’ criminal mischief, but of its culture.

Nathan Baca refused to accept the information or even to discuss it on video. His reason? Because it was published anonymously. This in spite of the fact that all of the information is from Anonymous’ own websites.

On that basis, Nathan decided to prevent it from entering the dialogue. This is what less unscrupulous people call a “Double Standard”. Considering that the anti-Scientologists rely quite heavily upon anonymous reports, tips, and testimonials, this was totally unfair and indicative of his own prejudice.

Instead of addressing the evidence, he changed the subject to an observation point at the Scientology Gold Base, echoing Anonymous’ opinion that the Gold Base is some kind of para-military compound. He chose a conspiracy theory over the facts. He is guilty of putting his own bias in front of any truth which may have emerged. Evidently, he doesn’t trust his viewers to sort through facts on their own, so he leaves them out of the process. That, and he’s merely looking to be sensationalistic.

I have carefully examined the work of Nathan Baca, and there is nothing in there to suggest that he is ignorant. He’s a published author and a talented reporter. This leads me to conclude that Nathan Baca is a shrewed manipulator who cares more about e-fame (he’s getting a lot of affection from “Anonymous”) and money than the truth. He sold out his journalistic integrity when he began entering forums and chatrooms with Anonymous members while “investigating” Scientology.

For this reason, I have dedicated the background of this blog to Nathan Baca, yellow journalism extraordinaire. It will remain yellow as long as Nathan does.

Should he choose to straighten out his act (his journalism philosophy is to “speak truth to power” ) and do a report about the cyber-stalking, the libel-fests, the arrests, the perverted “Anonymous Pubic Hair Raid,” or the reality of Anonymous’ Internet culture, then it will go back to white. Until then, it shall remain a stark reminder of how disgraceful it is when we invest our trust into our reporters only to have them urinate on the very freedoms they are supposed to defend.

Tom Newton