Source:, Anonymous’ favored attack site known for its pedophilia, its gore-filled images, its racist “Nigger Manual,” and its support of anti-religion extremism may be forced to close down unless it can raise $5,372.

Although I don’t understand why anyone would want to support a website which proudly displays images mocking victims of rape, AIDS patients, the mentally handicapped, and simulated child porn, I’m not ruling out the possibility that all the assorted perverts will divert a percentage of their drug/porn funds to keep it online.

They will claim to do it in the name of “free speech,” which sounds utterly ridiculous to those of us who have been targeted by Anonymous for censure.

Aside from the utter depravity of the site’s content, is also Anonymous’ main attack site. By “attack site” I am referring to its use by the members of the hate group to pool together information about their various cyber-bully victims (not all their victims are Scientologists).

The loss of this website would greatly benefit hundreds of people who have been attacked, defamed, libeled, harassed, and otherwise harmed by site users who post (how else?) anonymously. Anonymous members publicly try to distance themselves from that site despite the fact that it contains the largest collection of Black PR ever assembled against the Church of Scientology and its parishioners.

Whatever the lying hate mongers say about, the fact is, it truly is the definitive site on Anonymous and contains the most comprehensive narrative on the actions and culture of the hate group. Anonymous without “ED” would be like Christianity without a bible.

While I am not taking sides with Scientology, I do recognize Anonymous for what it really is, and not what its members say it is. “ED” is not the only cesspool from which Anonymous’ culture has emerged, but it’s certainly one of the more popular ones, which is why:


Tom Newton


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