KESQ-TV’s Nathan Baca disgraced his profession and harmed the reputation of an entire religious organization for the sake of his own career. His coverage of the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology is not fair and it is not balanced. As you will see, he deliberately obfuscated one side of a story to prevent it from challenging the conclusions he had obviously reached before he even interviewed the other side.

His covert agenda was revealed during a recent interview with Church spokesperson Tommy Davis. You may watch it here. Six minutes into the interview, Tommy produced a booklet and began explaining some of the hate crimes which have been committed by Anonymous. The booklet included images, websites, and personal statements. It was a detailed account, not only of Anonymous’ criminal mischief, but of its culture.

Nathan Baca refused to accept the information or even to discuss it on video. His reason? Because it was published anonymously. This in spite of the fact that all of the information is from Anonymous’ own websites.

On that basis, Nathan decided to prevent it from entering the dialogue. This is what less unscrupulous people call a “Double Standard”. Considering that the anti-Scientologists rely quite heavily upon anonymous reports, tips, and testimonials, this was totally unfair and indicative of his own prejudice.

Instead of addressing the evidence, he changed the subject to an observation point at the Scientology Gold Base, echoing Anonymous’ opinion that the Gold Base is some kind of para-military compound. He chose a conspiracy theory over the facts. He is guilty of putting his own bias in front of any truth which may have emerged. Evidently, he doesn’t trust his viewers to sort through facts on their own, so he leaves them out of the process. That, and he’s merely looking to be sensationalistic.

I have carefully examined the work of Nathan Baca, and there is nothing in there to suggest that he is ignorant. He’s a published author and a talented reporter. This leads me to conclude that Nathan Baca is a shrewed manipulator who cares more about e-fame (he’s getting a lot of affection from “Anonymous”) and money than the truth. He sold out his journalistic integrity when he began entering forums and chatrooms with Anonymous members while “investigating” Scientology.

For this reason, I have dedicated the background of this blog to Nathan Baca, yellow journalism extraordinaire. It will remain yellow as long as Nathan does.

Should he choose to straighten out his act (his journalism philosophy is to “speak truth to power” ) and do a report about the cyber-stalking, the libel-fests, the arrests, the perverted “Anonymous Pubic Hair Raid,” or the reality of Anonymous’ Internet culture, then it will go back to white. Until then, it shall remain a stark reminder of how disgraceful it is when we invest our trust into our reporters only to have them urinate on the very freedoms they are supposed to defend.

Tom Newton


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