EncyclopediaDramatica.com is Anonymous’ premiere attack site. As host to many unsavory images, from gory death scenes to cartoon child porn, “ED” has something for perverts and sociopaths of all proclivities. Last week the site was in danger of shutting down, but following a successful fund raising campaign in which 394 creeps donated over $5000 to the website, “ED” remains online, providing sustenance to degenerate scum-suckers everywhere.

While Anonymous members deny having any knowledge about that site whatsoever, and while they deny that it’s used to pool together information on their cyber-stalking victims (including hundreds of Scientologists), the Encyclopedia Dramatica T-Shirt Store is now offering “Anonymous T-Shirts”:

I explained my reasons for describing it as an “Anonymous Attack Site” here:


You may read the comments below to see first hand how Anonymous does damage control in regards to their “non-relationship” with “ED.”

Tom Newton


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