Why Don’t Anonymous Members Protest Other Religions?

According to Patrick Condell, an English stand-up comedian, writer, and internet personality:

“Even Scientology looks good next to the Wahabi doctrine, a twisted, malignant mutation of Islam which is as vile and inhuman an ideology as Nazism.” (1:50)

Anonymous claim to be protesting the Church of Scientology for its alleged human rights abuses. If this is true, and they really do care about human rights abuses carried out in the name of religion, then why are they so focused on the one religion which has never waged a war, persecuted homosexuals, or executed non-believers?

I will tell you why. Because Anonymous is the public relations front for the Anti-Scientology Racketeers. The rank and file members have been duped into taking action against the Church based solely upon a large body of anti-Scientology propaganda. Of course they would never admit to being so gullible as to fall into a hate-based bandwagon and not even know it. Never mind that every group action they take (which they call “raids”) are nothing more than short-term bandwagons.

(Anonymous members dressed up as action heroes from a POPULAR and TRENDY action movie. This in itself demonstrates their innate susceptibility to well managed propaganda/marketing tactics…)

The cyber-bully network known as “Anonymous” is perpetuating a fraud. Their high-minded ideals are just a cover for what they are really doing: having fun. Their protests have more to do with having fun as a subculture than with ending any supposed human rights abuses.

Anonymous’ peculiar brand of “activism” is nothing more serious than costumed Star Trek fans attending a convention or camping out in front of a movie theatre. The only difference is, Star Trek fans can differentiate between fact and fiction.

Tom Newton


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