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Boris Korczak is a Demagogic Animal Abuser

Boris Korczak, shameless exploiter of Anonymous, is a crook and a liar. He poisoned his own dog and blamed the Church of Scientology, which he calls the “Celebrity Cult.”

To lie about one’s political opponents is bad enough. But to abuse an animal to make a point is just criminal. In any case, the people who protest against the Church of Scientology will believe ANYTHING so long as it affirms their preconceptions. I have proved this time and again:

But for the record, I didn’t really poison that dog nor did I kill Mudkips the cat. I made that claim to prove how gullible Anonymous members can be. The reality is, Boris is the only person who can explain why that dog was sick. And without any evidence, the only logical explanation is that he is either committing a hoax (lying) or he poisoned his own dog (crook).

Tom Newton


I Killed Mudkips and Poisoned T-Rex


Mark "Fappy" Bunker

Mark Bunker’s old nickname “Wise Beard Man” no longer applies–if it ever did. He’s a duplicious demagogue; a paid bigot and agitator; a front man for a network of extremists. But what to name him?

I think I found the answer:

After examining the following videos in which Bunker announced that David Miscavige will now be known as “Slappy,” I was taken aback at just how elated the man was. Mark Bunker is a bully, and a proud one at that.

What bothered me most was his endless self-congratulation at having been so inventive with his name-calling. Anonymous members might say he was absolutely FAPPY with himself:

1. fappy
A feeling of emotion; in the mood to fap, or masturbate.
Tim was very fappy last night- he went through three boxes of tissues!

QUESTION: What does giving DM the nickname “Slappy” say about Mark’s journalistic integrity?

From this point forward, Mark Bunker will now be referred to as “Fappy.”

Tom Newton


For those of you offended by the word “fappy,” note that the word is used almost exclusively by members of Anonymous : GOOGLE SEARCH Anonymous & Fapping

Fighting Fire with Fire

Anonymous claims that the Church of Scientology “smears” it’s critics. They use this claim to justify the creation of ugly, Photoshopped representations of Scientologists:

(LRH, X, DM)

Since no one else seems willing to confront the critics on this particular tactic, I will. Starting this this one:

(Fredric L. Rice, Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Myers, Anonymous)

Tom Newton

I Killed Mudkips and Poisoned T-Rex


There is something which the members of the Anti-Scientology Racket should know:

1. I killed Sean Carasov’s cat Mudkips. I wore my jogging suit and passed through Sean’s neighborhood. Concealed in my jacket was a small bottle of ammonia and some kitty treats. I put both into his cat dish.


2.About 27 days ago, I did the same thing to “T-Rex,” a puppy belonging to Boris Korczak. The fact that the dog didn’t die upsets me still; a testament to how sick I am.

I am not sorry for what I have done. Deal with it.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Members Share Sexual Fantasies About David Miscavige

The following disgusting comment was posted by anti-Scientology extremist “Anonynamefag.” It appears to be a sexual fantasy about Scientology leader David Miscavige:

Davey is about to be physically AND sexually dominated in prison. I promise you, he’s getting what’s coming to him. People like David Miscavige are the favorites of people like Bubba and Salad Tossing Man. He’s going to get passed around like a bong between the men in the slammer, and his bodyguards and lawyers won’t be there to protect him.”

Source: link to thread

Oddly enough, “AnonynameFag” has a forum avatar which depicts Tom Cruise as a semi-nude wrestler and Miscavige as a referee:

The context of the comment is a thread about a “Scientology sex scandal.” The scandal is detailed at:

…which appears to consist of fabrications plagiarized from actual cases of sexual abuse within the Mormon Church (another one of Anonymous’ targets). It’s rather curious that they would do this. But what else would you expect from masked, anonymous activists? Honesty?

I am starting to believe that Anonymous is intentionally posting fake stories of sexual abuse in order to harm the Church’s reputation. If true, this signifies a new low for the hate group.

Another clue as to the author of the libelous blog: the Paypal Donation button links to a , which is the email address of Donald Myers, the “Angry Gay Pope.”

Tom Newton

Fredric L. Rice: Dirty Old Hippy or Human Rights Activist?

Meet Fredric L Rice, sociopathic anti-religion extremist:

Interestingly, Rice learned the fine art of anti-Scientology Racketeering from noted PEDOPHILE, Keith Henson.

Aesop’s Moral: A man is known by the company he keeps…

Tom Newton



Rush Limbaugh on Free Speech

“…the best way to practice free speech is to do it and not care what people say. The best way to get the people off your case that want to shut you up is to shout louder.” –Rush Limbaugh

(click to play in new window:)

Tom Newton

Old Lies Catching Up to the Anti-Scientology Racket

Long forgotten rumors about the Church of Scientology’s current leader have resurfaced thanks to the tireless efforts of Anonymous. According to these recycled, slanderous accusations, the current leader of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige beats up his staff members.

Although these rumors have no basis in fact, they have yet to be officially disproved. Scientology’s enemies have finally managed to get the mainstream media to report on these rumors. This would seem like a victory for the professional anti-Scientologists, however, these so-called critics have placed themselves in a precarious position: if the Church steps up and decides to refute the allegations, it might discredit the anti-Scientology Racket altogether:

According to Scientology representative Lyman Spurlock
, “what they want to do is extort money from the church. … and right now the St. Pete Times is their extortion vehicle…”

As an impartial blogger, I will not be taking sides. But I would like to make a prediction: the anti-Scientology Racket will suffer a blow to its credibility within the next two weeks. This will occur after the claims of physical abuse are challenged and exposed as the lies they are.

Tom Newton

POLL CLOSED: Is Agent Pubit a Hate Criminal or Just a Pervert?


A group of Anti-Scientology activists shaved their testicles and clipped their toenails. The resultant hair and nail clippings were “stuck” onto the naked body of “Agent Pubit” with lubricant. Then, Agent Pubit went into a Church of Scientology Org and proceeded to grind his genitals against books, furniture, and anyone he could catch.
Although the perpetrators were charged with hate crimes, the majority of those polled (82%) considered this vile act to be all in good fun. The fact that most of those polled were undoubtedly Anonymous members tells you something about the nature of their organization.


Tom Newton

Anonymous on France 24

Notice that none of them are wearing masks. This is because Fair Game is a LIE:

Tom Newton