Anonymous member “Acedotcom,” now known as “Epic Moobs Guy” (“moobs” is a portmanteau for “man with boobs”), was arrested over the weekend for “impeding the flow of traffic” while engaged in an anti-Scientology hate rally.

You can read more about his case at Anonymous’ WhyWeProtest Forums. This is a very common tactic employed by anti-Scientology racketeers: protesters becoming nuisances in order to get arrested, thus securing a slot on the evening news. It’s all about publicity with these vermin.

Every established anti-Scientology racketeer begins his or her career with an arrest. Mark Bunker, who recently scored a victory for Anonymous and for his own career as a Professional Anti-Scientologist by provoking his own arrest, had some words of encouragement for “Epic Moobs Guy”:

“19 Hours? Good god. I was in the slammer for 4 hours in Chicago and the fun officially stopped about three hours in.

Good luck with the court date. I’m sure things will turn out okay.” –Mark Bunker Source:

What I want to focus on here is Moob’s race. How can any self-respecting black man associate himself with Anonymous?

This is the same group which gleefully flooded the Myspace accounts of school children with copies of their highly controversial “Nigger Manual.” Additionally, Anonymous members frequently dress up as black stereotypes which they call their “nigra costumes.” “Nigra” is their way of bypassing filters on public websites which block the use of the more offensive “nigger.”

Anonymous’ own websites contain some of the most vile and racist propaganda on the planet. By getting himself arrested and photographed without his mask,“Epic
Moobs Guy” has been exposed as not only a religious bigot, but as a race traitor.

Addressing my earlier question about how any “self-respecting black man” could associate himself with Anonymous, the answer is simple: “Epic Moobs Guy” has no self-respect.

Tom Newton


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