Fredric L. Rice Targets Wrong Blogger with Death Threat

Anti-Scientology agitator Fredric L. Rice started trouble on the alt.religion.scientology discussion group by posting death threats against Jacob Arturo Vigil. Vigil’s crime? Rice believes that Vigil is a “Scientology ringleader,” a “criminal,” and a writer on this blog.

It’s kind of hard to believe. A self-professed free speech activist making death threats against a blogger. If that isn’t psycho enough, he has posted links to numerous Facebook accounts of individuals named Jacob Arturo Vigil, openly inviting Anonymous to “reign hell upon Jacob and his friends.” That’s right. He is ORDERING ANONYMOUS to do his own dirty work….

Stupidly, Rice followed up his death threats by reporting Jacob Arturo Vigil to the FBI, Google, Comcast, and various police departments, alleging that Vigil threatened to assassinate himself. It gets exceedingly convoluted at this point: other impostors posting at alt.scientology using the name Fredric L. Rice have emerged, openly taking credit as members of Anonymous, making this seem like Rice may have inadvertantly made their enemies list:

“Freddie Lice Rice

So what happens now? freddie
gets forged some more.
Anonymous hates you freddie. you are going on the
enemies list. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not
We do not forget.Expect us.”

This does not surprise me; Professional Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoo has also come under attack by Anonymous this weekend. Perhaps the young hacktivists are sick of being bossed around by the “Old Guard.” Could it be that Rice is being targeted for trying to use Anonymous to attack the people he points out? Technically, that would be violating one of the cardinal rules of Anonyous: that they are “NYPA,” or “Not Your Personal Army.”


The truth about the Anti-Scientology Racket absolutely will be heard and I will continue to expose extremists like Fredric L. Rice for the good of society. If it was up to me, these hate mongers would be listed on publicly available databases, as is done with sex offenders. A few things about Rice:

a) On July 29, 1999 he tried to goad Bob Minton into homicidal violence against Scientologists. Minton has twice been arrested for assaulting Scientologists and has shot at Scientologists in his neighborhood with a shotgun. Rice wrote about Minton: “I would hope he kills the criminals rather than exhibit the restraint and understanding he has so far. I will reload for him any time.”
b) Rice posted a call on the Internet for private, personal information about a Los Angeles attorney, specifically asking for the name of his wife and that “if he has or had any daughters, I need to know what their names are.”
c) In his own words, “Christianity is founded upon resentment and fear, gullibility, wishful thinking, indoctrination and greed.” He refers to Christianity as a “historically evil cult” and talks about Chritianity’s “shoddy ethics” and “immmoral nature.” He states that he “learned the history of the Christian cult in High School” and calls Christian doctrine “unworthy of respect, let alone worship.”


You can take that “BULLET” and shove it up your pipe. I’ve read your filthy blog and you should be ashamed of yourself. While your demonstrations of “free speech” aren’t nearly as reprehensible as some of the smut Anonymous proliferates, at least they have the decency to hide their faces.

Tom Newton

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