Old Lies Catching Up to the Anti-Scientology Racket

Long forgotten rumors about the Church of Scientology’s current leader have resurfaced thanks to the tireless efforts of Anonymous. According to these recycled, slanderous accusations, the current leader of the Church of Scientology David Miscavige beats up his staff members.

Although these rumors have no basis in fact, they have yet to be officially disproved. Scientology’s enemies have finally managed to get the mainstream media to report on these rumors. This would seem like a victory for the professional anti-Scientologists, however, these so-called critics have placed themselves in a precarious position: if the Church steps up and decides to refute the allegations, it might discredit the anti-Scientology Racket altogether:

According to Scientology representative Lyman Spurlock
, “what they want to do is extort money from the church. … and right now the St. Pete Times is their extortion vehicle…”

As an impartial blogger, I will not be taking sides. But I would like to make a prediction: the anti-Scientology Racket will suffer a blow to its credibility within the next two weeks. This will occur after the claims of physical abuse are challenged and exposed as the lies they are.

Tom Newton


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