Anonymous Members Share Sexual Fantasies About David Miscavige

The following disgusting comment was posted by anti-Scientology extremist “Anonynamefag.” It appears to be a sexual fantasy about Scientology leader David Miscavige:

Davey is about to be physically AND sexually dominated in prison. I promise you, he’s getting what’s coming to him. People like David Miscavige are the favorites of people like Bubba and Salad Tossing Man. He’s going to get passed around like a bong between the men in the slammer, and his bodyguards and lawyers won’t be there to protect him.”

Source: link to thread

Oddly enough, “AnonynameFag” has a forum avatar which depicts Tom Cruise as a semi-nude wrestler and Miscavige as a referee:

The context of the comment is a thread about a “Scientology sex scandal.” The scandal is detailed at:

…which appears to consist of fabrications plagiarized from actual cases of sexual abuse within the Mormon Church (another one of Anonymous’ targets). It’s rather curious that they would do this. But what else would you expect from masked, anonymous activists? Honesty?

I am starting to believe that Anonymous is intentionally posting fake stories of sexual abuse in order to harm the Church’s reputation. If true, this signifies a new low for the hate group.

Another clue as to the author of the libelous blog: the Paypal Donation button links to a , which is the email address of Donald Myers, the “Angry Gay Pope.”

Tom Newton


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