Mark "Fappy" Bunker

Mark Bunker’s old nickname “Wise Beard Man” no longer applies–if it ever did. He’s a duplicious demagogue; a paid bigot and agitator; a front man for a network of extremists. But what to name him?

I think I found the answer:

After examining the following videos in which Bunker announced that David Miscavige will now be known as “Slappy,” I was taken aback at just how elated the man was. Mark Bunker is a bully, and a proud one at that.

What bothered me most was his endless self-congratulation at having been so inventive with his name-calling. Anonymous members might say he was absolutely FAPPY with himself:

1. fappy
A feeling of emotion; in the mood to fap, or masturbate.
Tim was very fappy last night- he went through three boxes of tissues!

QUESTION: What does giving DM the nickname “Slappy” say about Mark’s journalistic integrity?

From this point forward, Mark Bunker will now be referred to as “Fappy.”

Tom Newton


For those of you offended by the word “fappy,” note that the word is used almost exclusively by members of Anonymous : GOOGLE SEARCH Anonymous & Fapping


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