Boris Korczak is a Demagogic Animal Abuser

Boris Korczak, shameless exploiter of Anonymous, is a crook and a liar. He poisoned his own dog and blamed the Church of Scientology, which he calls the “Celebrity Cult.”

To lie about one’s political opponents is bad enough. But to abuse an animal to make a point is just criminal. In any case, the people who protest against the Church of Scientology will believe ANYTHING so long as it affirms their preconceptions. I have proved this time and again:

But for the record, I didn’t really poison that dog nor did I kill Mudkips the cat. I made that claim to prove how gullible Anonymous members can be. The reality is, Boris is the only person who can explain why that dog was sick. And without any evidence, the only logical explanation is that he is either committing a hoax (lying) or he poisoned his own dog (crook).

Tom Newton


I Killed Mudkips and Poisoned T-Rex


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