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Face to Mask with Anonymous

A number of “Anonymous” cyber-bullies have been haranguing me about doing a counter-protest. The fact is, I changed my mind about the whole thing. Too risky….. a little background on this: last year I did promise to do a counter protest where I would deliver my message to Anonymous in person. To date, I have not done so because my family fears being targeted by Anonymous. And who can blame them? The fact is, Anonymous has harassed my wife, slandered me to my employer, and left several death threats on my voicemail.

I have no desire to spend an otherwise peaceful afternoon with a gang of masked cyber-nazis posing as free speech activists.

Should one or two of them decide to lighten up, ditch the cyber-terrorism, and consider having an adult discussion about their objectives as an activist group, I would be glad to entertain a peaceful discussion. But that’s not what they want. What Anonymous wants is to shout me down. To have a show of force in true fascist fashion.

If we did have such a meeting, I would likely end up with a boot print stamped across my face, figuratively speaking. What you should understand is that Anonymous would take the encounter as a chance to “bull bait” me and hopefully goad me into a reaction which they could then exploit. They have no choice: if they were to lose their Straw-Man-Scientology-Devil, their entire farce would crumble like an old cookie.

Tom Newton


"What Anonymous Doesn’t Want You To Know"

“What Anonymous Doesn’t Want You To Know”

That is the title of the following video promoting the Church of Scientology:

It’s an apt title, considering that Anonymous members are already flagging it, giving it low ratings, and doing whatever they can to discredit its message.

Anonymous censors opposing viewpoints. That’s just how they roll.

Tom Newton

Extremist Richard Ford Suggests Using Bio-Terrorism to Kill Scientologists

According to his latest message board posting, Anti-Scientologist Richard Ford describes why biological warfare would be the “ideal” way to kill off Scientologists. He describes how the flu “could be the death of them” :

“…Let us assume Swine Flu gets into SP hall in some way.
Here it will find ideal conditions. Men and women sleep ans work and breathe the same air twenty four hours a day. Many are weak from overwork and neglect. The diet is probably poor.

The flue will quickly knock out the entire hall.

What is DM to think of this? He will conclude that the hall must include some sort of Super SP that has remianed hidden and caused the fall of Scientology!

All he has to do is get to the truth! The victims of this flu will
continue to work in the sun and be subject to more interrogations.

Maybe they will be over-boarded despite their illness. Maybe one of them will even name SP during a sec check!

It is quite possible that one or more of them could die under such conditions. What would happen then?”

One has to wonder: was Richard Ford the one who sent envelopes full of white powder to various churches at the beginning of Project Chanology?:

In any event, I take all terrorist threats seriously and you can bet that madman Richard Ford has been reported to the appropriate authorities:

Tom Newton

Christopher Liles Was Behind Attacks Against The "No Cussing Club"

The “No Cussing Club,” created by middle-school student Hatch McKay was the target of a coordinated cyber-terrorist attack by the hate group Anonymous.

The “anonymous” attackers were not identified, but their tactics certainly fit the MO of the hate group “Anonymous” (see: Anonymous Targets Hatch McKay and Family). It was the standard Anonymous fare: prank calls, death threats, pizza deliveries, hookers from craigslist; nothing they haven’t already subjected countless others to.

Christopher Liles has since been identified as the Anonymous member who organized the attacks. It’s part of a “radical campaign to end censorship.”

He was identified thanks to a few loose tweets, which he has since deleted. Christopher’s latest Youtube Video Manifesto, which he emailed to the “No Cussing Club” members on Facebook, was removed for terms of service violations. It was entitled “227 Things You Can’t Say On YouTube.”

In the video he screamed “FUCK CENSORSHIP…I’M GUNNA CUSS ON CAMERA! :

…and he raved on and on until he had said every word prohibited by the website. I listened to “niggertits,” “sandnigger,” and “nigger-lover” before I had to flag it and stop it.

Youtube responded by banning the video. I suspect they will ban its creator too, once they read the “full report” a certain concerned netizen submitted about the foul-mouthed cyber-bully, Christopher “Fragged Mind” Liles.

For those of you who think I am joking about the danger posed by this guy and those like him, scroll down to the bottom of the blog and read the screen capture from his Facebook Account. He says he wants to shoot people in the face. Christopher Liles is an armed, psychopathic lunatic who should be thrown in jail.

Tom Newton


Anonymous Censors Fighting Censorship

Members of the anti-Scientology hate group “Anonymous” lent their questionable skills to Iranian protesters who sought to overcome the limits of government censorship. Sounds nice enough but consider this: I was banned from their website “Anonymous Iran,” with several different accounts, each for pointing out that Anonymous is a movement comprised of degenerates, anti-religion bigots, and cyber-bullies.

The average number of posts made with each account before the administrator would ban it was three. Make just three posts with divergent opinions and Anonymous “free speech activists” will shut down your account. This is more evidence backing my claim that their inherent fascism is incompatible with free speech.

Tom Newton

The Very Courageous Mark "Fappy" Bunker

Mark “Fappy” Bunker has survived years at the font lines of anti-Scientology activism. He fearlessly stood up to the Church knowing full well that he would immediately be considered “fair game” by Secret Scientology Agents.

Early on in his Anti-Scientology career, Mark was attacked with “a hammer and a knife-like object” when he attempted to bring his signature ambush journalism to the front door of Scientologist Gottfried Helnwein.

No stranger to danger, it comes as no surprise that the “Wise Beard Man” has expanded his criticism to include ISLAM and the Prophet Mohammad: .

Good luck to him with that. No word as to whether or not Anonymous will also attack ISLAM other than the attack posted on . Somehow I doubt it.

Tom Newton

"Fragged Mind" is a Cyber Bully

Fragged Mind” is a cyber-bully and a thug. He belongs to the Anti-Scientology protest club known as “Anonymous” and on their behalf, he sends me hate mail. Sometimes on a weekly basis. Here’s an example (I highlighted the good parts):

“…tom has never gone to meet a anon in person. he is a vaginai smell PUTHY. You here me Tom why do you lose your balls when you are asked to meet in person? i dont get it.. your a online bad ass but you wont meet any of us to do that “ass kicking” you always clame to do. u know hwere to find anonymous. why u such a vag? debate us in person… i cant stand what a disapoitmnet you are”
Fragged Mind

The reality is, I am not scared. If anything, I’m doing this guy a favor by ignoring him. If we had a face to face confrontation (presuming this clown would actually stalk me to my place of business), I would probably defend myself…and I don’t dial 9-11.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Rumor Mongering

“Mark Bunker and tory magoo are the people responsible for the attacks on encana pipelines.” –Anonymous

Mark Bunker and Tory Magoo did not organize the bomb attacks on EnCana pipelines. The above quote has been spammed in many of the comment threads on this blog and I’m using it here to make a point.

The commenter was obviously “trolling” me; but it’s not that crazy if you think about it.

The bombings started after a threatening letter was “anonymously” sent to EnCana, telling the company get out of the area. It’s eerily familiar to the manner in which “Anonymous” declared war on the Church of Scientology:

Obviously I’ll be ignoring the rumor. Anonymous sources are hardly reliable. But I do want to point out one thing: if Tory Magoo and Mark Bunker claimed that the Church of Scientology was behind the bombings, Anonymous would have accepted it unquestioningly. They would have it printed on a flier complete with wikipedia citations.

Tom Newton

NOTE: EnCana has offered a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.


“I enjoy making some people MISERABLE…Its my purpose in life.” –“Captain Adderall

“Captain Adderall” is a creepy stalker who videotapes female Scientologists in public. He enjoys writing “adult fiction” about the women featured in his Youtube videos.

Learn more here:

Tom Newton