"Fragged Mind" is a Cyber Bully

Fragged Mind” is a cyber-bully and a thug. He belongs to the Anti-Scientology protest club known as “Anonymous” and on their behalf, he sends me hate mail. Sometimes on a weekly basis. Here’s an example (I highlighted the good parts):

“…tom has never gone to meet a anon in person. he is a vaginai smell PUTHY. You here me Tom why do you lose your balls when you are asked to meet in person? i dont get it.. your a online bad ass but you wont meet any of us to do that “ass kicking” you always clame to do. u know hwere to find anonymous. why u such a vag? debate us in person… i cant stand what a disapoitmnet you are”
Fragged Mind

The reality is, I am not scared. If anything, I’m doing this guy a favor by ignoring him. If we had a face to face confrontation (presuming this clown would actually stalk me to my place of business), I would probably defend myself…and I don’t dial 9-11.

Tom Newton


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