Extremist Richard Ford Suggests Using Bio-Terrorism to Kill Scientologists

According to his latest message board posting, Anti-Scientologist Richard Ford describes why biological warfare would be the “ideal” way to kill off Scientologists. He describes how the flu “could be the death of them” :

“…Let us assume Swine Flu gets into SP hall in some way.
Here it will find ideal conditions. Men and women sleep ans work and breathe the same air twenty four hours a day. Many are weak from overwork and neglect. The diet is probably poor.

The flue will quickly knock out the entire hall.

What is DM to think of this? He will conclude that the hall must include some sort of Super SP that has remianed hidden and caused the fall of Scientology!

All he has to do is get to the truth! The victims of this flu will
continue to work in the sun and be subject to more interrogations.

Maybe they will be over-boarded despite their illness. Maybe one of them will even name SP during a sec check!

It is quite possible that one or more of them could die under such conditions. What would happen then?”

One has to wonder: was Richard Ford the one who sent envelopes full of white powder to various churches at the beginning of Project Chanology?:

In any event, I take all terrorist threats seriously and you can bet that madman Richard Ford has been reported to the appropriate authorities:

Tom Newton


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