Face to Mask with Anonymous

A number of “Anonymous” cyber-bullies have been haranguing me about doing a counter-protest. The fact is, I changed my mind about the whole thing. Too risky….. a little background on this: last year I did promise to do a counter protest where I would deliver my message to Anonymous in person. To date, I have not done so because my family fears being targeted by Anonymous. And who can blame them? The fact is, Anonymous has harassed my wife, slandered me to my employer, and left several death threats on my voicemail.

I have no desire to spend an otherwise peaceful afternoon with a gang of masked cyber-nazis posing as free speech activists.

Should one or two of them decide to lighten up, ditch the cyber-terrorism, and consider having an adult discussion about their objectives as an activist group, I would be glad to entertain a peaceful discussion. But that’s not what they want. What Anonymous wants is to shout me down. To have a show of force in true fascist fashion.

If we did have such a meeting, I would likely end up with a boot print stamped across my face, figuratively speaking. What you should understand is that Anonymous would take the encounter as a chance to “bull bait” me and hopefully goad me into a reaction which they could then exploit. They have no choice: if they were to lose their Straw-Man-Scientology-Devil, their entire farce would crumble like an old cookie.

Tom Newton


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